The Lesson from the Consistent Humility of Jesus…that man never ever learns!

The Lesson from the Consistent Humility of Jesus
….that man never ever learns!
By Apolinario Villalobos

The birth of Jesus is the greatest manifestation of his humility. Unfortunately, instead of emulating such virtue, Christians celebrate his questionable birthday every December with so much pomp and unrestrained festivity. To justify the scandalous celebration, “Christians” reason out that they are just “happily celebrating”. Can’t happiness be celebrated in simple ways? Why spend the whole year savings for just a few days of spending all “in the name of Jesus”? Also, it is during such seemingly paganistic manifestation for the “love” of Christ that the hurting difference between the rich and the poor is very much defined…still, we pay no heed to such scandalously unchristian practice.

Bible readers come across parables about Christ’s humility, but instead of emulating them, what they read remain just that – stories from the pages of a book. And yet, they even unabashedly boast that they have read the Bible…and that, they are Christians, too!

When Jesus entered the place of his prophesied judgment and death, he was on a donkey. Today, many church dignitaries cannot go to a certain place without taking a chauffeured luxury car. While some priests are furnished with expensive car by their rich parents, why can’t they refuse such for the sake of their vow of poverty? However, for convenience of mobility when they do their “job”, perhaps, they can opt for a less expensive one so as not to trigger curiosity. Pope Francis has always been calling on his fellow priests to observe utmost humility and simplicity while shepherding their flocks. Unfortunately, only few seemed to have answered his incessant call. Some bishops and priests still drive around in Benzes and cars whose prices are enough to feed a thousand children in one month.

Jesus showed his paramount humility by washing the feet of his disciples. On the other hand, some avowed Christians squirm at the sight of street children and beggars clothed in rags. One morning, while waiting for a ride in front of a big mall, I saw a lady in white churchly dress give a sandwich to a beggar using her fully extended hand to keep her distance, while covering her nose with a handkerchief. When I approached the beggar, I did not smell any revolting odor at all, although he was grimy. The lady obviously attended a morning Mass in the mall as it was a Sunday, and giving a sandwich to a grimy beggar with an fully extended hand while covering her nose, after attending a Mass, was perhaps her “way” to show her being a Christian!

While dying on the cross, Jesus invoked his Father with full humility by asking why he was forsaken. Today, government officials and politicians who are being tried for robbing the government coffer of people’s money, swear to God that they are honest…adding that, they be struck by lightning where they stand if they are telling a lie!…humble, indeed!

Jesus was consistently humble since birth until the time of his death, but we refuse to acknowledge this manifestation….and, today we are paying for such arrogance…by suffering from the onslaught of natural calamities and man-made hostilities!…we just never learn!