The World is a Maze of Confusion and Conflict

The World is a Maze of Confusion

And Conflict

By Apolinario Villalobos


Here are some of my personal observations:


  1. The only “order” that can be felt and experienced in the world is the 24-hour cycle divided into night and day that further accumulates into seven days in a week, further accumulating into the 28/30/31 days in a month and finally into 12 months in a year – according to the Roman Catholic calendar, however, the Chinese, the Jews, and the Muslims have their own calendar in this regard.


  1. The long-respected Bible is now being touted as a source of various confusions, especially, because many religions have allegedly thwarted the original contents written in the original language, to serve their own purpose which is to prove their having the “true religion”. So, today, instead of being enlightened, many people became confused that they have gone to the extent of leaving the religion of their birth to become Atheist, Agnostic, or Satanic. They should not be blamed because they followed their own judgment, and nobody can rightly say that they are wrong, after having gone through the harrowing confusion.


  1. Due to survival instinct, countries have become hypocrites. Openly, leaders deal amiably with each other despite differences in ideology, and proof to this are photos splashed on the different social media where they are shown smiling at each other and shaking hands, but days after, the same leaders make pronouncements that run counter to their friendly stance shown earlier to the world. Citizens are confused which of the two “expressions” should be believed.


  1. Drugs are invented to prevent the onset of diseases and cure people of ailments but most of these drugs have contra-indications when used at the same time due to simultaneous inceptions of disorders. Even the long-traditionally used drugs, one of which is aspirin, are deemed to have negative effects on some organs. Most antibiotics today are also declared as ineffective and can harm many organs if used unabatedly, especially, without prescription. This confusion resulted to the loss of confidence to physicians by skeptic patients who have resorted to herbals, instead.


  1. Confusion did not spare the foods, as many of them are not just fit for anybody. Some people get sick when they drink milk, eat seafood, beans, and even peanut. Some people vomit when they eat any fibrous vegetable or get a sniff of banana. The list of foods that are not supposed to be eaten by some people is still getting longer by the day. This deprivation is confusing, for how can sources of nutrients for the body become poison to others? Explanations are offered by experts, but the question still remains because life is supposed to be viewed as full of promises, including health and happiness. But how can it be possible if one is deprived of things needed to live happily and glowing with health?


  1. Universities and colleges are supposed to breed intelligent graduates who are expected to be part of the effort in the development of their nation and betterment of society. But why are there corrupt government officials and even leaders who are supposed to have even earned Masters and Doctorates from these institutions of learning? Why are there evil-minded scientists, whose intellect and moral values have been bred in these institutions where only what’s good for mankind is supposed to be taught?


The confusion is compounded by greed that has muddled man’s mind making the upshots of his intellect become tools for his self-annihilation!

On Extra-Terrestials, Man’s Evolution, His Toxic Food and Self-Destructive Habits

On Extra-Terrestials, Man’s Evolution,

His Toxic Food and Self-Destructive Habits

By Apolinario Villalobos

I believe that man went through evolution to become what he is now, but via genetic manipulation by the ET’s who came to earth thousands of years ago, and not through the “natural” process as Charles Darwin alleged. When before, scientists were skeptical and avoided discussion about the issue, today, they are more than open and willing, even going to the extent of bringing out to light long-kept dissertations and clippings. Even the Vatican has dipped her finger into the issue, as there are sketches and paintings with religious themes, and with landscapes that include controversial spherical objects hovering in the background. Some painted Nativity scenes are depicted with UFOs as the source of the light illuminating the manger, instead of a star. Even the “angels” whose ability to fly is symbolized by feathered wings are now presumed as ET spacemen equipped with flying gear.

Images from the past in the form of sculptures, paintings, and embossed renditions used “symbols” to indicate different qualities of leaders and gods, represented by animals, such as lion, leopard, cat, dog, eagle, bull, etc. These representations were made by early earthlings, who were artistically skilled but limited in scientific knowledge. The symbols, then, literally manifested the physical characteristics of gods being presented without the need for text in any form.  Along this line, the bull horns and lion have been, since the early time, used to represent power and strength, that is why, most gods are shown wearing headgear with horns, or whose head is that of a lion. These images purportedly represent visiting ETs.

Different ET’s that may have landed on different regions of the earth, could have “developed” their “own people” out of the upright walking creatures that they found, particularly the apes. This process could have involved the use of their (ET) own genes to modify or improve the earthlings’ characteristics. For doing this, the ETs may have selfish motives. It should be noted that apes are not just of a single kind, and their characteristics depend on the region where they thrive. The gene modification could have resulted then, to early earthlings with different characteristics depending on their region, and which have manifested in the color of their skin, height, shape of the face, kind of hair, etc. In the Old Testament of the Bible, there are mentions about races or tribes that suddenly appear from nowhere.  I thought of this because different races in the Bible kept on insisting about the power of “their own” god ….a recognition that they give to the power of their “creator”.

Each race even had a name of its own god. This is how I reconciled the differences of races that are populating different regions of the earth, such as the blacks in Africa, the white-skinned and blond-haired in the western and northern hemispheres, the chinky-eyed with white skin in the east, and the slightly to dark brown, short people in the south, and southeast. Obviously, they did not evolve from fish, lizards, etc that Charles Darwin had insisted in his theory of “natural” evolution, more so from apes, otherwise, today there should already be hairless, pretty and handsome apes with curly or straight hair, black or blond hair,  broad or aquiline nose, or walking fish and lizards. On the contrary, the apes of the thousand years ago are still the same apes that we find today.

In laboratories today, gene modification, cloning, and organ transplant are being done, as if scientists are dissecting frogs…meaning, the three mentioned processes are being done with ease because of modern medical technology. Where did such knowledge and ability come from? Of course, not from the early earthlings!  It is a big question that the religious and the overly skeptics still hate to hear. But for sure, they did not come from apes!

The health-conscious of today are against the scientific process of gene modification when applied to vegetables, grains, and fruits. They forgot however, that the modern fruits and grains are the result of this process to make them juicier, seedless, soft, sweeter, etc. The corn that we know today did not come in cobs, thousands of years ago. The corn of long ago had grains, instead of the big and chewable kernel. Corn is among those mentioned as food in the Bible, but they did not come in cobs, that is why nothing can be found in the Bible about “roasting of corn cobs”, but “baking of corn grits”, when what they meant actually were “corn grains”.

Other grains that were supposed to have originated in a region, somewhere in Turkey, were developed to improve their size, and even rice originally grew in swamps not on land. It should be noted that Turkey is among the regions purportedly used by the ETs as their landing ports, according to myths in the Bible.  In some regions of America, wild rice is still being harvested from swamps. Today, there is an effort to make rice resistant to floods, short of saying that it is being returned it to its former watery habitat.

Cross-breeding is one way of altering the genes of plants and animals, and this process still fall under the process of gene modification. There are many other genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are discreetly introduced. Lately, however, just because scientists would like to make vegetables last long and resistant to pest, health-conscious groups, are overreacting by  declaring them dangerous as they could alter the “characteristics” of man, and worse, even as unhealthy. When did man start living healthily, anyway, when all these claims for healthy living are full of deception?

These western groups are the ones that flood the social media with the contra-indications of natural substances and drugs. They feed the internet with information about fruits that should not be eaten together with certain meat or fish. They even come out with “findings” about certain fish not fit for consumption, such as tilapia because of the level of toxic substance in its meat, when practically all fish that thrive in the oceans have high toxin level, especially those in the European waters that have become dumping ground of toxic materials.  Why single out tilapia? Because of their allegations, all fishes should better be banned as they are poisonous!

These groups promote “organic food” – vegetables, fruits and meat that are not supposedly fertilized and fed with the harmful synthetic chemicals, but they forgot that the air is replete with toxin. In other words, the “organic food” that these groups allege to be safe are still contaminated due to the toxin from the atmosphere that they absorb since the first day of their growth.

Ironically, man continues to fill the air, the oceans, lakes and streams with the sediments of modern technology that he invented to be used for his survival….an unconscious(?) self-destruction. No food in its “pure” state can be found anywhere on earth. The quantity of toxin, though, that is taken in by man, depends on the region where he lives, thus, determines the length of his stay on earth….of course, with special consideration to available modern medical technology. In this regard, the third-world countries that have become the “catch basins” of these toxins, but without modern medical facilities are at the mercy of the highly progressive nations due to their factories that spew toxins in various forms …while their people enjoy the protection of their modern medical facilities.

This blog is not meant to destroy the faith in God. I believe that the universality of God is such that whatever faith we have in Him, could have just been passed on to us by the “better kind” of visiting ETs thousands of years ago. And, as regards the issue on creation, the ETs could also be the creations of God and who just delved in science to modify other creatures to suit their needs, hence, the evolution of the earthlings from the modified ape. This is what the highly intelligent earthlings are doing today…modifying creations to improve their “quality” and maximize their usability. So, why make the issues on UFOs, ETs, God, Creation, and Man very complicated that just result to unnecessary confusion? Are the religious and scientific authorities hiding information from the rest of the earthlings….though, may be divulged at the most appropriate time?

My dear, little ones…

My dear, little ones…

by Apolinario Villalobos

It pains me to see how the world

Crumbles under the weight of greed

How life buckles with the pain of despair

I am so sad that what will be left for all of you

Will be a world shrouded with the bleak sorrow.

Gone will all the birds be, that fly

Grass and flowers in the meadows

Fish in the oceans, rivers, and creeks

The butterflies and bees that seek nectar

And, so will the wind…stilled by the dire war.

All those are due to man’s greed

So ravenous are his appalling desires

But let’s not lose hope…pray, pray, pray

As the kindly Lord, to us, may again take pity

That tomorrow’s world, be blessed with His mercy!

There is no Permanent Status in the World

There is no Permanent Status in this World

By Apolinario Villalobos

Good or bad fortune is not the same for all men. Some are born rich, while some are born poor. In some cases, some who were born rich become poor due to extravagance and negative circumstances beyond their control. On the other hand, some who were born poor have become rich by dint of hard work and frugality, still some, by virtue of “resourcefulness”, especially, those who entered politics.

Nobody wants to suffer from poverty. It is just that some people have a very low level of satisfaction that what appears to some people as poverty, is to the former, already a satisfactory life. Meanwhile, other aspects of life such as poverty and satisfaction have different degrees and rungs.

There is one thing, however, that most of us already know, as an important factor that can affect life – exploitation of the weak by the strong. Since time immemorial, this has been going on. For the lesser creatures, it is just for mere survival, as in the case of the animals in the jungle that kill for food. But for the civilized man, the ultimate reason is subjugation of the weak.

Nevertheless, as man by nature, is a struggling creature, along the way, there could be a reversal of fortune. Along the corridor of time, the vanquished sometimes become the victor and vice versa. There are also cases wherein dominating rich families encounter financial catastrophe and find themselves without a single centavo. Also, countries that used to be prosperous suddenly become impoverished due to badly managed national coffer and topsy-turvy financial system resulting from corruption.

Back to man, there are stories about rags-to-riches success. One is about Nora Aunor, touted as the “Filipina with a Golden Voice”, who as a teen-age girl, sold cold drinking water in a train station in Naga City. Another successful show business personality is German Moreno, the comedian turned broadcaster who used to be a cigarette vendor and janitor at Grand Opera House. There is also the story of Vice-President Binay who used to augment their family income by raising hogs in their backyard…but, now – just looking great with “hard and wisely-earned” money! Another story is about a guy, a former neighbor, who was the janitor-messenger of their office, but due to his business acumen and right connections, amassed millions from his real estate ventures. I am not saying here, that all ventures to earn riches are done the “right way”.

As for the downfall of the once great men, there are a lot of stories that can be told. One is that of the former Shah of Iran, who although, not very impoverished, is said to have no permanent residence today. A former Filipino world champion boxer, suddenly found himself without friends and money after squandering painfully- earned dollars. He is said to be begging in the wet market of General Santos City today. Many Filipino movie actors and actresses who used to be famous, failed to invest their talent fee and died paupers, while some are languishing with terminal diseases, surviving on daily financial dole-out from friends for their medicine.

The world is replete with success and downfall stories, giving substance to the adage: “what goes up, must come down”. These are lessons that should be learned as they are written in books or told, but only few are taking note, for as what a line in the song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” says: “when will we ever learn?…yes, when will we ever learn?”.

The very positive-minded have the answer: “que sera sera…whatever will be, will be”…which may be okay, for as long as no regret will be felt at the end!…and for as long as they do not blame others and God!

We should not forget that “regrets always come at the end”….

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon….

Mabuti Pa Noong Unang Panahon
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Mga ninuno nating tadtad man ng tattoo
Nagnganganga, nakabahag…walang siphayo.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Payak ang takbo ng isip, walang pag-iimbot
Na sa pangangamkam ng ibang lupa’y umaabot.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Magkakatabing mga bayan ay nagtutulungan
Sa pangangailangan ng iba’y malugod ang bigayan.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Ang mga bundok ay nababalot ng kagubatan
Masaya pati mga ibong nagliliparan sa kalawakan.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Ginto’t pilak, ‘di pinapansin, walang gahaman
‘Di tulad ngayon, pamantayan ng buhay ay yaman.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Kung magdasal sila ay diretso sa Amang Poon
‘Di tulad ngayon, tao’y kaaanib ng iba’t ibang kampon.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Pagtiwala sa kapwa ay di basta-basta nasisira
‘Di tulad ngayon, dangal ay kayang lusawin ng pera.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Sa malawak na gubat, may pagkaing makukuha
‘Di tulad ngayon, mga bundok at pastulan, kalbo na.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Masarap samyuhin ang hanging sariwa, malinis
‘Di tulad ngayon, amoy nito, animo’y pagkaing panis.

Mabuti pa noong unang panahon
Tubig na iniinom, sa ilog ay maaari nang salukin
‘Di tulad ngayon, naka-bote lang ang dapat inumin.

Life and its Trimmings

Life and its Trimmings
by Apolinario Villalobos

Life is a blessing from God and manifested in many forms generally called “creations”, with man as one of them – intelligent and all. Some men are happy to be alive, while some blame God for such blessing.

He is the premier creation of God with free will and intelligence. In his veins flows the blood of life where the DNA floats – story book of what he is and will be. His intelligence made him think that he can be another God. And, because of this pride and greed, he is committing a self-destruction that he deserves.

It is the result of man’s greed suffered by the weaker of his kind. The world is overflowing with it.

It is the manifestation of man’s struggle to live decently by covering his body, tame the wild creatures and utilize the earth for his subsistence, produce tools for protection and domestic use, kill others for the expansion of his domain, and defy God that he cannot see.

Foremost, it is an invisible line that separates the peoples of the world. More potent than culture in setting differences, it is also the garden from where sprouts various devotions with hideous faces. Man’s desire for power and insatiable greed created it.

It is the fruit of man’s struggle for a better life. It is a beautifully-designed scheme for man’s self-annihilation, with all its modern synthetic drugs and food, bombs and guns, and most specially, craving for endless comfort with its deadly undertone.

It is the essence of politics and government systems. It gives impetus to the ambitious people with a “noble aspiration to serve”. It also gives zest to those who are already in position and with power to “serve the people”.

It glitters with a promise of wealth for the strong with evil mind, but burdens the weak to the extent of death.

It is the breeding ground for corruption where intellectuals become expert in sowing miseries among helpless constituents.

It is the extensive umbrella that gives shade of comfort and security to the corrupt who profess to protect the welfare of the people.

It is the legal tool of the vicious and learned people in their practice of corruption and exploitation.

It provides knowledge to man based on historic principles and guidance designed by well-intent intellectuals of the old. But, abused by modern-day hypocrite agencies and abusive institutions, that pledge their never-ending exploitation of the youth.

It is the state of being deprived of the basic necessities of life, resulting from exploitation or choice.

It refers to either the spiritual or material gain of man. When used in the right way, it makes the man benevolent, but if used otherwise, it makes him evil…the world has more of the latter.

Prayer for ALL Mothers…

Happy Mothers’ Month/2015

Prayer for ALL Mothers…
By Apolinario Villalobos

Most Benevolent Creator of all things in the vastness of the universe
and controller of their destiny,
To you we pray…

For all the mothers that You brought forth on the face of the earth –
They that walk the ground, crawl and slither, swim in the ocean
and slice the air with their flight,
Grant that they be safe and healthy at all times
that they can give warmth and milk to their offspring,
Grant that they be well-concealed and distanced
from the sight and reach of predators,
Grant that they be spared
from hunger and thirst
that their offspring can suckle from them the juice of life
though trickles they may be
that they live on to gasp for breath;
For those whose offspring came out of brittle eggs,
Grant that their wings be strong
to protect their brood from the whipping wind,
from incessant patter of rain and scorching heat;
Grant that their mates fly home safe
with worms and morsels in their beak
for the helpless and fragile chicks in their nest;
We thank You Lord, for the life that you gave,
We thank, too, the mothers for their love
and warm care that they give
even in the face of death….


Ang Kagitingan ng Babae

Ang Kagitingan ng Babae
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Kung babasahin ang Bibliya, nakatala doon sa sinasabing alamat ng paraiso, na ang dahilan ng pagsuway ni Adan sa utos ng Diyos ay babae, si Eba. Kung sinasabi din na silang dalawa ay binigyan ng malayang kaisipan, ang ginawa ni Eba ay ang paggamit nito dahil sa kagustuhan niyang mahigitan ang kaalaman ng Diyos. Masisisi ba natin siya? Kung ang kaisipang ibinigay ng Diyos sa mga una niyang nilalang ay hindi malaya, hindi sana nagpatukso si Eba sa ulupong, at si Adan ay hindi nagpadala sa pangbubuyo ni Eba. Sa ginawa ni Eba, ipinakita niya ang lakas ng kanyang loob na magpairal ng kanyang saloobin, kaya pati ang Manlilikha ay nakaya niyang suwayin. At, kung hindi napalayas ang tatlo (kasama ang ulupong) mula sa paraiso, hindi sana nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ang tao na masubukan ang kanyang katatagan sa harap ng mga pagsubok na ibinigay ng Diyos.

Sa kasaysayan, maraming mga Ebang nagpakita ng kanilang katapangan, katatagan at kagitingan. Unahin na natin si Maria na sinasabing ina ni Hesukristo. Nagpakita siya ng katatagan sa pagharap sa nakasisilaw na anyo ng anghel nang pagsabihan siya nito na dadalhin niya sa kanyang sinapupunan ang manunubos ng mundo. Hindi siya nalito at natakot, sa halip ay tinanggap niya ang anunsyo ng buong puso at katatagan, at sa kabila ng nakatakda nilang pagsasama bilang mag-asa ni Jose.

Marami na rin ang mga naging bayaning babae, at ang pinakamatunog na pangalan ay si Santa Juana (St. Joan), na maski sa kaliitan ay nagawa pa rin niyang pangunahan ang isa sa pinakamadugong pag-aklas laban sa mapanupil na hari noong kapanahunan niya na humantong sa pagsunog sa kanya habang nakatali sa isang tulos. At sa makabagong panahon, ang isa sa pinakarespetadong pinuno ng bansa ay si Indira Gandhi na hanggang ngayon ay itinuturing na simbolo ng talino ng mga kababaehan.

Sa Inglatera, nagkaroon din ng babaeng pinuno, si Margaret Thacher, na kinilala sa kahusayan niya sa pagharap sa mga bantang pinakita ng kalapit nilang mga bansa. Sa Pilipinas, naman ay merong Corazon Aquino na sa kabila ng kakulangan ng kaalaman sa pagpapatakbo ng gobyerno ay buong tapang na umako ng mga responsibilidad sa ngalan ng kalayaan. Sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas, nababanggit ang kagitinigan ni Gabriela Silang, Teodora Alonzo at marami pang iba, at sa isa pang alamat, si Prinsesa Urduja.

Marami pang mga kwento ng kagitingan ang umiinog sa katauhan ng mga babae, mga matatawag na ring bayani at martir na pilit nilabanan ang lungkot dahil sa pansamantalang pagkakalayo mula sa mga pamilya, kumita lamang ng maayos sa ibang bansa. Sila ang mga binubugbog at pinagsasamantalahan ng mga amo, at kung malasin ay isinasakay sa eroplano bilang cargo dahil nasa loob na ng kabaong, maiuwi lamang sa Pilipinas. Sila ang mga babaeng halos pigilan ang mga kamay ng orasan, magkaroon lamang ng mahabang pagkakataon upang kumita sa pinapasukang beerh house bilang receptionist o mananayaw. Sila ang mga babaeng maghapong nakatayo sa mga mall bilang mga dispatsadura. Sila rin ang mga babaeng hanggang ngayon ay nasa kabundukan at pilit na pinaglalaban ang mga karapatan ng mga inaapi. At sila ang mga babae na halos maputol ang hininga sa pag-ere, mailabas lamang ang isang buhay mula sa kanilang sinapupunan.

Sila ang ating mga anak, asawa, kapatid, pinsan, tiyahin, pamangkin, ina, lola, kapitbahay, kasambahay – mga nilalang na malimit hindi maunawaan, kaya kung minsan, ang tanging paraan upang mabawasan ang sama ng loob, ay ang pag-iyak na lamang. Subali’t hindi na ngayon, dahil unti-unti na ring kinikilala ang kanilang kagitingan at dahil diyan, nagkakaroon na rin ng imahe na dapat igalang.

Creation Care, Ecological Justice and Ethics by Patriarch Bartholomew

It is seldom that an Ecumenical Patriarch is given exposure for his views. During the recent visit of Patriach Bartolomew in Manila, he delivered a speech in which he shared his seldom-heard views about the most important issue – ecology, correlating it to man’s obligation for the sake of self-preservation. Though simply stated, his message is full of inspiration:

Reflections by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at the Forum held at the National Museum in Manila


“Toward COP 21: Civil Society Mobilized for the Climate”
(February 26, 2015)

Distinguished forum participants,
Many of you may be surprised that a religious leader concerned with “spiritual” values is accompanying a political leader involved with “secular” issues. After all, what does preserving the planet have to do with saving the soul? It is widely assumed that climate change and the exploitation of natural resources are matters concerning scientists, technocrats and politicians.
Yet, the preoccupation of the highest spiritual authority in the worldwide Orthodox Church, namely the Ecumenical Patriarchate, with the ecological crisis demonstrates that we cannot have two ways of looking at the world: religious on the one hand and worldly on the other. We cannot separate our concern for human dignity, human rights or social justice from concern for ecological preservation and sustainability. These concerns are forged together, an intertwining spiral that can descend or ascend. If we value each individual made in the image of God, and if we value every particle of God’s creation, then we will care for each other and our world. In religious terms, the way we relate to nature directly reflects the way we relate to God and to our fellow human beings, as well as the way we relate to the biodiversity of creation.
At stake is not just our respect for biodiversity, but our very survival. Scientists calculate that those most harmed by global warming in the future will be the most vulnerable and marginalized. It is those living in the typhoon-prone Philippines who are being forced not only to deal with the miseries of flooded homes and prolonged disruption, but to make fundamental changes in their way of life. And there is a particularly bitter injustice about the fact that those suffering its worst ravages have done least to contribute to it. The ecological crisis is directly related to the ethical challenge of eliminating poverty and advocating human rights. Food security was the foremost issue at the United Nations climate change discussions in Geneva this month.
We are convinced that Asia holds many of the answers to a more biocentric worldview; Western industrialized nations must be humble to listen and learn. Only a few days ago, in India, the world’s public health leaders concluded that fossil fuels are detrimental to human health and wellbeing. And the Philippines – already a leader in geothermal and hydropower – are committed to a path from low carbon to zero carbon in a partnership between the public and private sectors.
This means that global warming is a moral crisis and a moral challenge. The dignity and rights of human beings are intimately and integrally related to the poetry and – we would dare to say – the rights of the earth itself. Human rights in the West have long been criticized for individualism. So will we recognize the faces of the thousands – men and women, mothers and children, elderly and disabled – lost when Typhoon Yolanda hit Guian at 4.40am on November 8th, 2013? On that day, by providence or serendipity, our church celebrates the feast of the holy angels. Will we remember the haunting photographs of that nightmare? The number of deaths horrifies us – but what most painfully reaches our feelings is the individual faces of loss and terror.
And what about the rights of the earth – of which we are a part and apart from which we cannot exist? Who will speak for the voiceless resources of our planet? Who will protect the silent diversity of its species? Will we accept responsibility for pushing our environment over the tipping-point?
In the discussions about climate change, some take a fatalistic attitude, arguing that we should give up all efforts to prevent further changes and instead direct our efforts towards adapting to the inevitable. But the response from those experiencing the effect of climate change is clear: adaptation is not enough. Fundamental changes need to be made at the level of global policy making, and made as a matter of urgency.
Wealthy, industrialized countries have unquestionably contributed most to atmospheric pollution. In our effort, then, to contain and reverse global warming, we must honestly ask ourselves: Will we in the West, in more affluent countries, sacrifice our self-indulgence and consumerism? Will we direct our focus away from what we want to what the rest of the world needs? Among all the facts and statistics, the summits and debates, it is essential for us to remember the human faces of those who suffer because of climate instability. Will we recognize and assume our responsibility to leave a lighter footprint on this planet for them and for the sake of future generations? We must choose to care; otherwise, we do not really care at all about the creator or the creation.
The choice is ours! We stand at a critical moment in the history and future of our planet, a time when our human family must choose future of our earth community. The protection of our planet’s vitality and diversity is a sacred task and a common vocation. At a summit organized by our Church two years ago, former NASA climate scientist Professor James Hansen observed: “Our parents honestly did not know that their actions could harm future generations. But we, our current generation, can only pretend that we did not know.”
It is not too late to act, but we cannot afford to wait; we certainly cannot afford not to act at all. We all agree on the necessity to protect our planet’s natural resources, which are neither limitless nor negotiable. We are all in this together: people of faith must practice what they preach; citizens of the world must clearly voice their opinion; and political leaders must act urgently and decisively.
Dear friends, you will now appreciate why a religious leader is concerned with the ecological crisis. With the voices of those angels who died in Typhoon Yolanda echoing in our ears, we must make the strongest possible call for change and justice at the Climate Conference in Paris next December. This is our ethical and honorable obligation; this is our word of promise and hope to the entire world.

The Beauty of Life….for Adoracion Paragas-Sanque

Life is beautiful…we should love life and each other…

The Beauty of Life
(for Adoracion Paragas -Sanque)
By Apolinario Villalobos

The magnificence of creation is such
That all we need to do is open our eyes
Though the extent of our perception ends
Where the earth meets the sky –
It still oozes with awe-inspiring sights.
In loving God, we love life…
Gratitude is what to Him we show
For everything He blessed us with
There’s nothing else that we can do.
Even the whiff of the wild grass
Undulating in the wind’s caress
And the buzzing of the busy bees
That fills the air with lively drone
Lightens up, even a heavy stone.
Light feeling, ecstasy, happiness –
They grip us tight, though tenderly
As we delight in the beauty of life
That God made for all of us to see!