The Legacy of Rick Paloma…or Tatang to the PAL Family

The Legacy of Rick Paloma

…or Tatang for the PAL Family


By Apolinario Villalobos



To say goodbye to a beloved

Is hard enough, how much more

If that beloved has impressed

In our heart everything

That he can impart

Just so, in this world, we can later

Be at our best

As we do our part.


He tried his best right from the start

Earning his keeps by honest toil

Firm determination and bold foresight

To be where he would be someday

And he did not fail

As all of us can now say.


He will always be a part of our memory –

An inspiration that shall guide us

For what he has left for us to keep

Is a legacy that shall guide us along

While we tread the road towards our destiny.


Let us thank him, this man Ric or Ricky to some

But Tatang to most of us who have known him

As a big brother and a doting father;

He whom we see as the perfectionist

He who wants nothing but the best

Making us realize later

That what he really wanted was for us to learn

Though the hard way,

… and that, friends, is his legacy.