Magical, Mysterious Minalungao

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We started this year’s Suggestions for Summer with a quick trip to historic Corregidor (pls read: Remembering Corregidor). We followed that up with a trip to far-away Can-Umantad Falls in Candijay, Bohol (Our Quiet Candijay Quickie) For this year’s Summer Suggestions, I’ll strive to bring you to places that are far from the beaten road. We’ll veer away from the usual, the known, the more expensive sites. We’ll explore frontier areas, the lesser known ones, for us to appreciate the Philippines better.

So today, we continue with the third of our summer offerings with a trip to Minalungao National Park, a relatively unknown destination which has the potential to be a top tourist haven in the future, if only the local folks learn how to properly plan out the Park’s many wondrous activities. So here goes…

East of Gapan, Nueva Ecija, about a 3-hour ride from Manila…

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