The Woman I Know…this is Virgie (for Virgie Paragas-Adonis)

The Woman I Know… this is Virgie

(For Virgie Paragas-Adonis)

By Apolinario B Villalobos



With boundless desire

to accomplish many things

that others think are impossible,

the woman I know

through impeding hurdles

would just simply breeze through.

Her mother’s strength and loving ways

tempered by her father’s intelligence

and innate golden values –

her overpowering person shows..


A woman of fiery temper

and a heart brimming with affection,

the woman I know

always fights for the righteousness

not much for her own

but for others who, though abused

can’t fight back

as guts and  persistence

are what they lack.


She is the woman I know,

who, on some occasion

could be furious or let out tears

in a candid show of emotion.


She oozes with intelligence

that she would unselfishly share

just like the comfort

of her tender motherly care.

Could there be other women

just like this one I know?       


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