Filipino style eggplant salad.


I had posted lately about how to make an eggplant pasta. Filipinos typical cooking are either grilled,boil or sauté. For three months past our oven was broken and the landlord didn’t fix it yet. So what I do I grilled in the burner. I was craving with this dish inspired of Judy Ann Santos food blog of how to make an eggplant salads but she used another method of recipes like some famous bagoong in part of Batangas which I do not have. Living abroad is very difficult to have some Filipino ingredients like bagoong, dried fish, suka or even soy sauce.

So I come up with the idea of the chimmichurri sauce which was actually originated from Argentina and Uruguay. There are two versions of this sauce the chimmichurri verde (green) and rojo (red). It is made of finely chopped parsley, minced garlicolive oiloregano

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There’s enough I don’t know about self-publishing to fill a self-published book on self-publishing. The old days of submitting your manuscript, awaiting rejection, rinsing & repeating, is no longer the only option on the block. That may be a good thing or a bad thing. On the positive side, not having to wait two years to have a manuscript accepted, edited, and finally printed, is alluring. On the other hand, the fact that anyone can self-publish, doesn’t necessarily mean everyone should.

I’m in the middle of revising a first draft, and while it’s a bit early to begin looking into publication, I find I need the occasional break from editing. I’m often found lurking on Amazon, perusing ‘inside peaks’ of novels written by aspiring authors, those with similar qualifications as my own (none). Call it gauging my literary capacity, being nosy, or simply judging the caliber of fellow writers, I…

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