The Power of Self-Encouragement

The Power of Self- Encouragement

By Apolinario  Villalobos



To be inspired by what we accomplish through our own effort should not be misconstrued as being narcissistic.  Making us realize that we can do some things without being dependent on others should give us more impetus to strive mores. However, we should always remember  not to be buoyed by arrogance.  To develop the trait of self-encouragement  in us is not easy. If we are used to the hovering of our parents since childhood, our personality becomes soft, so that along the way of our life, even a simple impediment makes us falter.

Earning accomplishments in life through self-encouragement is like saving coins in a piggy bank. The increasing weight of the piggy bank due to the accumulated coins encourages us to drop more through the slot. Squandering some saved coins, is like putting to use some of what we have accomplished into useless endeavor. This can be avoided if we will be always reminded by an old adage, that  we cannot turn back the hands of time, and as I may add, so do mistakes committed that cannot be undone. Care is then very necessary to prevent this.

Meanwhile, successful people driven by self-encouragement can tremendously inspire others, especially, today which is smarting from the frustrating steady rise of unemployment. A  person suffers from disappointment if he fails to land a job after his first attempt, and in this situation, it is important that the person should convince himself that he is facing one of the realities of life – cutthroat competition in applying for a job, for which persistence can help. He must realize the need to do counter moves or strategies to be competitive.

To make self-encouragement work, some people switch to other fields of endeavor, some of which are a far cry from the course that are stated in their diplomas. There was a time in the past when the most in demand job was for nurses to fill up vacancies in European hospitals and healthcare institutions. There was a mass switching of course from medicine to nursing, and even those with license in medicine, went back to school to desperately take a course in nursing.  This effort somehow helped, even at the expense of pride – imagine a doctor, willing to work as nurse or a caregiver. As the ultimate goal is financial gain, those who attained it, thought that they did just the right thing.

Self-encouragement is a necessary element for survival.  The will to have a useful life after retirement or after having been partially incapacitated by an accident, needs even a bit of self-encouragement. In this instance, the government does its part by offering programs for senior citizens and persons with disability (PWD’s). In this situation, self-encouragement as a force is more crucial than those coming from other people. The strength to move on should first come from within a person. External strength becomes useful to further prop him up steadily.

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