Yes, I Can!

Yes, I Can!

…dedicated to Persons with Disability (PWDs )

By Apolinario B Villalobos


I may be lacking a foot or both

That will make it hard for me to stand,


I may be lacking an arm or both

That will make it hard for me to touch,


I may be lacking an eye or both

That will make it hard for me to clearly see,


I may not have a voice nor hear

That will make it hard for me to feel the crowd,


But God gave me a spirit, strong and bold

That can make me soar to heights – up there

It can bring me where I want – everywhere

It is my spirit that makes me say to anyone:

“That, as God made you, so am I,

and, what you can do,

Verily, I can do, too!

Proudly, to every one

I say, yes, I can…..!”

My Sincere Prayer of Gratitude…as a simple blogger

My Sincere Prayer of Gratitude

…as a simple blogger

By Apolinario Villalobos


Thank you Lord,

…for leading me to people whose good deeds need to be exposed that they may inspire others;

…for giving me the courage to call the attention of fellowmen for their misdeeds;

…for the prayers of those who appreciate what I do, and which provide me with strength;

…for the encouragement of friends who give me inspiration;

…for the vintage laptop that has been helping me a lot;

…for the cellphone with camera that a cousin gave for quick photo shots of my subjects;

…for the strong wi-fi signal in the home of a cousin where I do my blogs;

…for the hi-tech communication system without which, my effort would be futile;

…for the tranquil nights and dawns during which I wake up to jot down prospective blogs;

…for words that come into my mind, and which I could develop into blogs;

…for the fingers that have recovered from carpal tunnel syndrome, so that I could work fast;

…for the effort of a nephew who provided me fast mobility with his motorcycle;

…for a stomach that could withstand pangs of hunger;

…for the lungs that have resisted the onset of respiratory ailments;

…for the nose that have been straining the polluted air;

…for my overall health to keep me going;

…for the strong comments of viewers who affirm my views;

…for the extras that I could spare for others;

…for making me wake up with sprite at dawn to prepare myself for the day;

…for the compassionate viewers who make donations for blogged needy people.


I pray that You continue to keep me and the rest with similar advocacy as mine, in the shadow of your protection at all times.



Praying man silhoutte


13TH of November is KALIMUDAN FEST 2017’s day for the Job and Business Fair, Women’s Congress and the presentation of the candidates from the different municipalities vying for the MUTYA NG SULTAN KUDARAT 2017. The Honorable Governor, PAX MANGUNDADATU, was the keynote speaker that marked the start of the whole day affair.