The Termites in Our Society

The Termites in Our Society

By Apolinario Villalobos


The current administration of Rodrigo Duterte has no doubt, inherited a sorely- weakened government due to the piled up unsolved cases of corruption with more undetected commissions added as days go by. Duterte has practically entered a home heavily infested with termites!


Some of these termites are plain citizens who just love to ride on issues. The others are attention-hungry and highly-entrenched government officials who are obviously blind to the consequences of their detractions. These termites paint a harrowing picture of the Philippines, as if they belong to another nation and with the intention of taking over the reign from Duterte. These nincompoops thought they are doing a favor to the country by trying to pull down a guy whose efforts are geared toward the healing of a sick society.


While leaders of powerful nations have finally recognized and supported Duterte in his campaigns, these pea-brained Filipinos act like deranged dogs with rabbis-infected saliva foaming down their mouth snarling at him, giving credence to what has long been suspected as their being financed by a powerful group or groups. Now, that is what I call selfishness and greed to the max!

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