Love of the Mother

Love of the Mother

By Apolinario B Villalobos


When it comes to giving love –

Nothing can beat the one

Who nurtured us within her

And for months endured our weight

A burden that she carried –

Until with hard drawn effort

Brought us forth into this world.


While in her womb

We partake of the air she breathes

We partake of the food she eats

We partake of the emotions she feels

Her blood makes our heart beat

And careful that we float with ease

She moves with well-guarded steps.


Our heart that beats is her mark in us

Greater than anything, we owe it to her –

She who cries when we succumb to sickness

And dry her breast for precious milk…

Our life, we owe to our dear mother

She, we should love more than any other.



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