Vices and Gainful Destruction are Conceived by the Selfish and Evil-Minded

By Apolinario Villalobos


People travel to places after being told by friends that they are worth visiting, aside from reading about them in magazines, both printed and televised…so they spend for it. Their need to see places have been conceived by other people and various forms of media that practically, entice them to embark on an adventure. Without the encouragement, people will not even think of leaving their home because they have no idea that beautiful places exist somewhere.


It is in this manner that the evil-minded have conceived vices for their unsuspecting victims to enjoy, such that, they will attain a euphoric state of satisfaction when they indulge themselves in them. Later, these vices which could be alcohol, cigarette, gambling, and drugs would develop into some sort of necessities of their victims. At the end, the evil-minded have become successful in creating the needs for their victims.


There has been no need for bombs and guns until such need was created by people who thought of gainful destruction. Along with what have been made to attain a selfish motive, the manner, with which they could be used have been conceived, so there are wars and terrorism. Had the evil-minded not brought forth into the world such instrumentalities of destruction, people would have thought of just reaping the grains in the field as they get ripe, hunt for food needed for a day or two, enjoy the moon when it is in its fullest, and worship Nature as a manifestation of a powerful Force….in other words, just lead a simple life, until today.


The tendency of man to abuse has underlined his evil-mindedness. And, because of that, practically, everything that has got to do with life has been abused, such as, kindness, authority, trust, love, Nature, food, water, medicine, animals, plants, mental faculty, etc. His disdainful selfishness has eventually, led him to a gainful destruction that likewise, leads him along the path of self-destruction!


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