Anything that We Do Has a Purpose

Anything That We Do Has a Purpose

By Apolinario Villalobos



Anything that we do has a purpose… a reason. We do not just do anything for nothing. Our heavenly mandate is to do good.  We eat to sustain our life so that even a morsel of food could be enough which is good, but if we go into binges of food tripping that could ruin our health, that is bad.


Students exert effort to finish their studies, with the financial support of course, of their parents. And, the reason for such is for them to earn later on, but in an honest way aside from making use of what they have learned for the good of their community and fellowmen.


Teachers are supposed to guide their students as their sole purpose and not just to earn. Dissertations of students in the form of thesis, a requirement in college and high school should have clearly cut objectives, especially, those that are supposed to be for the alleviation of communities. Along this line, professors should come up with topics for their students to work on, about community-centered endeavors. Employees of private entities are supposed to help their companies grow as their taxes are needed for the development of the nation.


Government officials are supposed to work FOR their constituents, and not exploit them for their own gainful interest because as viewed from different perspectives…THAT IS CORRUPTION!


Those are my SIMPLE views on why we live in this world…SIMPLY STATED, TOO.