The Evil in Man

The Evil in Man

By Apolinario Villalobos


The evil in man makes him salivate at all opportunities for exploitation… just anything in this world.  In this regard, inventions with good intentions are used to sow destruction, such as even helpful drugs, gadgets, etc.


The dynamite is supposed to be used for smashing big boulders into bits, but is being used in illegal fishing and so many other damaging purposes. The cough syrup is supposed to alleviate the respiratory ailment but is used by unscrupulous youth to get “high”. Sedative drugs are downed with beer or liquor to as “downers”. An ingredient in making fertilizer is also being used to make explosive. Nail and screws are used as fillings in home-made bombs. Cellphones are used to send harmful messages by evil-minded selfish ego-trippers and to trigger home-made bombs, the internet or the social media, for that matter, is used by the people with devilish character. Etc.


Despite the very obvious positive impression and intent of anything, the evil in man makes him perceive even the teeny-weeny strain of a negative flaw and expand it into exaggerated proportion with the purpose of ruining the whole. Examples are the well-intended blogs ruined by nonsensical comments, the laws which are circumvented for illegal purpose, etc.


As regards the laws and rules, the evil in man makes him see gainful and selfish opportunities in the flaws or defects. Concern here are the lawmakers themselves and those who are supposed to implement them. Extortion is what the evil in man wants to happen. The evil in man cannot even be suppressed by the gained knowledge from universities, as many of those with devilish mind are bred in such institutions!

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