What Achievements Can Do

What Achievements Can Do

By Apolinario Villalobos


I have been blogging about achievers and their success, and I would like to add that such feat could generate the following:

  • Admiration from peers and strangers who have positive personalities, they who always see the positive side of things.
  • Satisfaction from people who are part of the achiever’s life, they who also sacrificed such as family members, relatives and some friends and even strangers who, in one way or another are instrumental for the achievement.
  • Envy from anybody, as evil is part of life.


There is no problem with the positive effects of achievements such as admiration and satisfaction. The problem is with envy, as it may result to:

  • Bashing in facebook and other blog sites even by friends supposedly using fictitious identity.
  • Jokes from envious friends such as anonymous and threatening messages sent through the cellphone and chat facility of the facebook.
  • Development of ill feeling towards the achiever.


Bashing and harmful jokes are the negative “gains” from the high technology that rules life today. Simply said, anybody can create hundreds of identity in the internet and use them for malicious intent, and SIM cards can be bought from sidewalk peddlers for as low as Php15, already with free text and calls to be used in sending anonymous messages or making calls to poor victims. On the other hand, the development of ill feeling towards the achiever occurs among selfish people who want everything in life at all cost. Their ego made them feel that only they are capable of succeeding in life.


Many successful lives have been ruined by the egoistic and selfish people who cannot stand the achievement of others…that is one of the reasons why the world is beset with disharmony. Man has no choice but to live with that reality. Meanwhile, what the achievers can do is thank the Lord for their success and restrain themselves from wishing bad karma for their detractors for it may just happen as dictated by the “Golden Rule”.

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