The “Culture of Entitlement”

The “Culture of Entitlement”

By Apolinario Villalobos



The “culture of entitlement” has made many Filipinos, especially, the youth, dependent on their expected inheritance from rich parents and generous relatives. The expectation has resulted to their indolence and loss of drive to strive on their own. This culture was never a part of the Filipino life prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. Early Filipinos were expected to work hard for survival because of the striated society. Instead of “entitlement”, the early Filipinos were “awarded” for their hard-earned accomplishments.


In grave contrast, the western nations, especially, America, are devoid of the aforementioned culture. In America for instance, soonest as a member of the family reaches the age of 18, he or she is expected to move out of the house of the parents to be on his or her own. And, even children of billionaires work hard to earn their living.


In the Philippines, children of OFWs and those with high positions in private companies and government tend to take things easy as they are assured of comfortable life, anyway. Some of them even lost interest in pursuing their studies, and develop a vice, instead. They are so conscious about the obligation of their parents to support them, by all means, that some of them even have the courage to ask for their inheritance in advance! Children of some OFWs do not even give a thought to the difficulties that their parents have to hurdle just to be able to send home hard earned money.


Unless the attitude of dependence or the culture of entitlement is softened a bit, the character of the Filipinos in general shall continue to be on its downhill trend. But then, some of the parents can be blamed for this attitude for having pampered their children. Some of these parents who have suddenly experienced a bit of affluence due to finances that trickle from abroad give their young children the impression that they are rich which expectedly, has been deeply impressed in their mind. As these children grow, they speak and act as if they belong to rich families!


Finally, the aforementioned culture has created chaos in homes as children tend to think that they are not loved by their parents who, on the other hand, think that they have brought up ungrateful children.



BADONG PIDO…mapalad na nilalang sa kalinga ni Jose “Beng” Lim V at kanyang pamilya

BADONG PIDO…mapalad na nilalang

sa kalinga ni Jose “Beng” Lim V at kanyang pamiya

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Sa kabila ng pagiging “special guy” ni Badong, napakapalad niya dahil nasa kalinga siya ng pamilya ni Jose “Beng” Lim V. Subalit bago tuluyang naampon ng pamiya Lim si Badong, napansin siya noon ng mga empleyado sa hardware store, kung saan ay halos araw-araw itong tumatambay sa counter kaya nakasanayan na rin nilang bigyan ito ng pagkain. Kalaunan ay pinasundan siya upang malaman kung saan talaga siya umuuwi at laking gulat nila nang malamang sa sulok ng isang gasolinahan na malapit sa bagong Tacurong public market (New Isabela) siya natutulog gamit ang nakalatag na karton. Akala nila ay may pamilya itong inuuwian at nakakatuwaan lang ang paggala sa araw.


Kinausap ni Beng si Badong at inimbitang sa kanila na tumira na ikinatuwa naman nito. Ang unang nakagaanan ng loob ni Beng ay si Ranger, na tinawag nitong “boss Ranger”. Si Beng naman ay tinawag niyang “Ninong” at ang misis nito ay “Ninang”. Sinubukan ng mag-asawang ipasok siya sa eskwela subalit hindi siya nagtagal dahil sa kanyang kalagayan. Napag-alaman din nila na ang makakapagpapirmi kay Badong sa bahay ay TV.


Pautal-utal kung magsalita si Badong subalit pinipilit ng pamilya na maunawaan siya. Naging malapit din siya sa mga anak ng mag-asawa at ayaw nilang mawala ito sa kanila. Subalit isang araw ay may nakakita sa kanya sa store at nagsabi kay Beng na taga-General Santos daw ito at sa pangangalaga ng Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Pinagpalagay nila na maaaring hindi sinasadyang nakalabas siya ng tinitirhan at nakatiyempong makasakay ng bus na biyaheng Tacurong City. At dahil nasa bagong public market ang bus terminal, naghanap na lang ito ng isang sulok na matutulugan. Mabuti na lang din na hindi siya naliligaw at nakakabalik pa sa kanyang tinutulugan tuwing gumala siya sa downtown area na kinaroroonan ng hardware store ng mga Lim.


Masama man sa kalooban ng pamilya ay nagdesisyon silang ibalik si Badong sa DSWD kaya naghanda sila ng despedida party para sa kanya. Si Beng mismo ang naghatid sa kanya sa General Santos, subalit nang iwanan na niya ay nagwala ito at nagpilit na sumama pabalik sa Tacurong. Walang nagawa ang DSWD kundi ang gawing pormal ang pagpaalaga kay Badong sa mga Lim. Ngayon, dinadala na rin ni Badong ang apelyidong Lim.


Ang turing kay Badong ng mga Lim ay talagang kapamilya. Sa lahat ng okasyon ay kasali siya, pati sa taunang cross-country ng Tacurong City Bikers na pinamumunuan ni Beng bilang Presidente. Sa loob ng 6 na taon ay kasa-kasama siya ng tropang bikers at itinalaga sa support o backup.


Ayon kay Beng, gusto niyang makita pa rin ni Badong ang kanyang mga magulang upang maging kumpleto ang pagkatao nito. Dagdag pa niya, kung sakaling mangailangan din ng tulong ang magulang ni Badong, baka matulungan din nila. Kahit  pautal kung magsalita si Badong, halatang nagpipilit itong maunawaan ng iba, at dahil normal ang turing sa kanya, na-develop ang kanyang self-confidence.


“Mongoloid” si Badong, subalit nakitaan ko siya ng katalinuhan nang sagutin niya ang mga tanong ko, at sa palagay ko ay nakatulong ng malaki sa unti-unting paglinang ng kanyang karunungan ang pagmamahal na hindi lang pinapakita kundi pinapadama din ni Beng, ng kanyang asawa at mga anak.


Nagpapasalamat ako sa pamangkin kong si Daniel Paclibar na miyembro ng Tacurong City Bikers dahil siya ang  nagparating sa akin ng kuwento ni Badong.

Why I Blog

Why I Blog

By Apolinario Villalobos


Many people who have been reading my blogs are wondering why I am doing it…worse, some even presume that I am being paid for such emotionally tedious undertaking. Plainly and simply, I tell them that it is my advocacy. I hate to use such word, but I might cause them to raise their eyebrows if I tell them, it is my hobby. I am serious in what I am doing and it is not just for fun. I am not being paid but some viewers of my blogs send help for the subject personalities whom I write about, and which are handled with much care. For this endeavor, I am taking so much risk as my security is also at stake in view of my blogs on corruption.


I always ask myself that if I will not share with others what I perceive and experience “along the way”, who will do it? If I have to be brutally frank, I dare say that many people are numb, naïve, blind, deaf, etc. to what are happening around us. One viewer even had the temerity to send me the message, “you think you are a great writer, huh!”. He is not an fb friend and most hurting is that he is also a Filipino. I just presumed that he is a friend of a politician whom I have been jabbing with my posts, which being “public” are open to all internet browsers. As an information, I have four other blog sites aside from facebook. My first facebook page has even been hacked many months back so I can no longer open it, forcing me to create another one with my photo on it. Unfortunately, many friends still use the hacked fb despite the notices that I have posted.


I identify with people whom I blog as I had my own struggles to be able to finish my studies, having been orphaned at a young age. Growing up, I observed the corrupt practices in the government which have been deeply impressed in my mind. I observed so much arrogance of some supposedly “shepherds” of the various churches. Having gone around the country, I saw poverty in its various levels and perceived its ugly faces drawn on my impoverished countrymen. I would like to let the world know about the benevolence of unsung heroes in our midst. Also, let others know, Filipinos and foreigners that the country is a cluster of islands worth discovering for their unique and varying splendor. I would also like to serve as other people’s conscience and mirror. Most of all God gifted me with the ability to write and I know that He did not give it to me to be kept selfishly, but with a purpose. Those are the reasons why I blog.


What give me the drive to go on are the inspiration and encouragement from those who are kind enough to appreciate what I am doing aside from enhancing what I share with their comments and rectifications on what they think should be improved. I am also encouraged to go on if what I share could successfully elicit relevant comments, especially, about blogged people whose characters are worthy of emulation, not just appreciation.  I believe that I am just doing my share of what should be done as intended by God. I am not a doctor, nor a professor, nor a pastor, nor a cook, nor a policeman, nor a businessman, etc….but I have a purpose, too, in this world and that is….as a simple writer.


I always imagine that the world is like a jigsaw puzzle composed of parts with various shapes that snugly fit together. While others could be triangle, circle, square…I could be a rectangle….that is I, as a blogger, and with my own shape, I am trying my best to neatly fit into this world. By the way, I need prayers, too, to keep me keep me and my advocacy alive, at least even for just a little longer.