One Step at a Time to Success…the struggle of Jomar Ganancial

One Step at a Time to Success

…the struggle of Jomar Ganancial

By Apolinario Villalobos


When I came out of the barber shop one morning, I saw a group of students on their way to an internet shop. What caught my attention, though, was their colleague who was struggling with a plastic low stool, using it as a support to “walk”. The boy did not show any impatience and his friends even treated him normally. I politely introduced myself to the group and without much ado told the boy with the stool about my intention of blogging him to inspire others. He smiled and gave his permission for me to take his photo.


He was Jomar Ganancial, 13 years old and a Grade 8 student of the San Emmanuel National High School Annex, located at Purok San Jose of Barangay San Pablo, Tacurong City. His father works as a mechanic in Polomolok, South Cotabato, while his mother is a food server in a carinderia (small restaurant). When asked about his studies, his friends unanimously told me that he is consistently on top of his class. What a feat, I told myself. His height barely reaches the waist of a normal Filipino but his achievement this early soars above the head.


That morning, Jomar and his classmates were on their way to an internet shop to print a material for their project in school. Before we parted ways, I encouraged him to take a course leading to Information Technology as many companies today have jobs for PWDs (Persongs with Disability) like him. He was happy to hear such information.


My encounter with Jomar made my day and a proud Filipino again. He filled my heart with gladness instead of pity. For once, I forgot about the physically normal and rich students who would rather spend much of their time in internet shops or sniff shabu rather than attend classes.

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