The Need for Moderation

The Need for Moderation

By Apolinario Villalobos


Nobody is perfect and everybody has a tendency to be bad. But there are what we call “discipline” and “control” that can make us restrain our acts. As intelligent creatures, we are supposed to have an inner strength that can help us decide to observe “moderation” in everything that we do.


We can be bad but we must always bear in mind the “Golden Rule” unless we are prepared for the consequences of our acts that could hurt others, as similar hurt or much more can happen to us. Most often, we are hurt by our own acts…these are the self-inflicted consequences due to our irresponsibility and lack of common sense. Among these are doing things that we know could affect our health, such as, excessive imbibing of alcoholic drinks and unscrupulous pigging out on unhealthy foods.


The worst heartless people who lack restraint are those who exploit others, among which are the corrupt in the government. Ironically, these are graduates of big universities with doctorates and masters in various academic spheres, such as, Public Administration, Education, Humanities, and even professional lawyers, physicians, professors. With their transformation from supposedly “honorable” status in life into greedy maniacs when they stepped into the threshold of the government, they deserve to be called “professional corrupt”.  This greedy lot seems to have not come across the word “moderation”, as they want everything that they can hold on to at the expense of others. I WOULD LIKE TO REITERATE THAT NOT ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE CORRUPT, AS A HANDFUL OF THEM HELD ON TO THEIR WITS TO REMAIN HONORABLE IN THE REAL SENSE OF THE WORD DESPITE THE MAGNANIMOUS TEMPTATION.


On the spiritual side, many eager beavers who claim to have an “encounter” with the Lord, act as if they are the Chosen People of the modern times. They preach what they read in the Bible but never put them into practice. In this regard, I admire the low-profiled New Christians regardless of their denomination, some of whom are leaders of their humble Ministries while the rest spread the Good News via text messages. They never go beyond the limits of their capability to stand for Jesus and God. They preach within the limit of their sincere capability instead of being noisy, and manifesting only what they sincerely feel.


We are suffering today due to our excessive greed for comfort. Factories are mushrooming all over the world to bring forth supposedly necessities in life – machines, gadgets, chemicals, garments, packed foods, etc. The factories belch out pollutants that destroy Nature…that is how I can simply state the consequence of our excessive cravings. As a result, the natural climatic cycle has drastically changed. Excessive rains cause flood. Excessive wind causes storms and typhoons. The ozone layer has been ripped exposing the Earth to the deadly heat of the sun.


Finally, excessive love can result to selfishness that could be fatal….