My Own Bold Prediction of Things that Will Come in the Future

My Own Bold Prediction

of Things That Will Come in the Future

By Apolinario Villalobos


  • Cars shall be operated by powerful and intelligent chips that contain maps of all countries all over the world. These chips can also be fed with directional information so that by just touching addresses, they could glide on their own towards them.
  • Gliding vehicles shall be equipped with a feature that could automatically avoid obstacles.
  • The vehicle of the future shall, practically, be an intelligent robot that could also detect the “malfunction” of the body of passengers, such as, onset of high blood pressure, heart failure, etc.
  • The vehicle of the future shall have a body with multi-layered “scale-like” cover to allow it to extend or expand as necessary, and could travel on land, water and air.
  • Changing of body organs with synthetic ones made of a super lightweight metal that would not rust and would be much lighter and stronger than titanium would become an ordinary clinical procedure. Today, it is being done, but more are coming.
  • Ulcer shall be a disease of the past as affluent patients shall have an option to replace their intestines with some kind of absorbent foam-like material equipped with processors of synthetic, though, highly energetic foods contained in capsules which shall become a fad among the rich.
  • Intelligent robotic homes of the future shall be equipped with gadgets that could “repel” human intruders with bad intention, as well as, accidental fire. Gates shall have chips that could store information on faces of frequent or unwanted visitors.
  • In the future, different colors of the body aura could be interpreted by a super scanner. Colors of diseases could also be identified, same as with the colors of various characters. In this regard, people with criminal intention could already be intercepted at the gates of subdivisions or entrances of malls and condominium buildings, as they shall be provided with these scanners as a requirement.
  • A gadget that could be strapped around the head to read the mind of the wearer shall be developed. It could be programmed to have compatibility with TV, radio, and phones, and could be connected to an “amplifier” to allow the invalid and bed-bound persons to communicate with people around them.
  • Televised religious service shall prevail over the “personally” conducted at the traditional venues such as churches and mosques or masjids.
  • Priesthood shall evolve further to have a more professional character, with priests allowed to marry, and nuns allowed to say Mass, but shall definitely not be allowed to marry. Priests and nuns shall be required to have IDs and their profession regulated by a “federation of religious groups” in coordination with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Today, the Roman Catholic church observes a “rotation” of 6-yearterm for each parish priest, and “some kind” of a “rest day” but spent in “some kind” of “weekly meeting” of parish priests at the Diocesan centers, but which unfortunately, I viewed by the uninformed as “day off”.
  • Mind scanning equipment will be invented complete with a feature that could print texts and images straight from the mind.
  • Grasses, leaves and twigs shall become processed food “extenders” and flavorings.
  • More fake foods shall be invented in China, aside from rice and eggs.
  • The sun, wind, and ocean current shall become popular as alternative sources of energy and shall cause many of the gas stations to close. Even the motion of the body shall become a source of energy for small gadgets such as cellphone, radio, hearing aid, etc.
  • Developers of condominium buildings shall be required by the local governments to utilize their rooftops as prep-school facilities before the building permit could be issued to them.


Viewers may call me crazy but the inventors of cars and the Wright brothers who invented the airplane were called such during their time.

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