Bali Inspired: Nasi Goreng, Filipino Style

Tita Celine

My husband and I first tried Nasi Goreng when we were in our honeymoon in Bali. Our AirBnb host Wayan Sueta’s wife cooked us staple Bali dishes and had us at first bite.

img_1058-1_2The first in the list is Nasi Goreng. It literally translates into fried rice. We, Filipinos, have our own version wherein we fry a day old leftover rice in oil and garlic then toss in or top it with diced ham, sliced hotdog, danggit (crispy fried fish), scrambled eggs, salt or soy sauce to taste. etc. Filipino fried rice is also a distant cousin of Chinese’s Yang Chow fried rice wherein bits of shrimps are added for more flavor.

However, Nasi Goreng is cooked differently. Balinese use newly cooked rice. Half way through the rice cooking, they stir in homemade seasonings made with chilis, sugar, and other herbs which add aroma and distinct flavor to the rice…

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