The Trying Hard “Has-beens” and “Wannabes” of the Philippine Politics

The Trying Hard “Has-beens” and “Wannabes”

Of the Philippine Politics

By Apolinario Villalobos


The Philippine politics is hideously polluted by “has-beens” and “wannabes” who try to do anything, just anything to catch the attention of the media. What is revolting about these nincompoops is that, for the “has-beens”, they have none to prove their worth as elected officials, and for the incumbent “wannabes”, they pretend to be intelligent but in reality, are pea-brained who cannot even distinguish a criminal from a victim!


Some of the “has-beens” were boot-lickers of Marcos, and who served as agency heads while the rest were either senators or congressmen. And, of course, the “wannabes” are sitting congressmen and senators who try to impress the nation with their “views” on prevailing situations that just make them butts of joke. One of the incumbent senators is dubbed “Trilliling” an allusion that sounds like “Tililing” or crazy. The woman senator who does not deserve to be called “lady” is a “blabbermouth” who loves to look cute in front of TV cameras.


Then there’s the “has-been” elected highest official of the land who criticize Duterte as if, he was that competent during his time. It was during his term that government properties were sold left and right. He was suspected to have pocketed huge amount of commissions stashed in the banks of a small nation. They elude the probing eyes of their critics by shutting their mouth, especially, the wife, but the husband sometimes cannot help himself from puffing off smokes of irrelevant remarks.


Duterte, in his utmost honest gesture extended a hand for the sake of friendship, reconciliation and even a humble plea for assistance. But his calls fell on their deaf ears, so how can one blame the poor president for becoming harsh at times by bombarding his critics with biting retorts?

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