5 Things to Do as a Backpacker in HongKong


‘If you are courageous to travel solo, then you are adventurous’

I got this free airline ticket from a credit card promo and I just can’t resist it. I will be flying thru Cathay Pacific airlines. Unfortunately, I could no longer buy any cheaper economy tickets for my girlfriend nor for my little siblings. So I have to travel solo. And as a backpacker! (this was unplanned and not included to my normally expensive travels).

So what to do on a solo travel? Many would mesmerise that it is the best time to be naughty. Go for one-night stands. Meet random people in the best bars of Hong Kong. Great! But remembering that I have a girlfriend, well well..I just have to forget about that. Anyways, trying those stuffs is not really me. I’m an introvert, loyal, and loving future-husband. I hope no one laughs.

I was given five days…

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