Points to Ponder About the Martial Law for Mindanao

Points to Ponder About the Martial Law for Mindanao

By Apolinario Villalalobos


  • Political terrorism has become the issue in Mindanao, not religion, as even Muslims are saddened by the murderous spree committed by the Abu Sayyaf and Maute group.


  • There are parties or sectors that are against Federalism and the only way to derail the move is by creating a chaos to divert the attention of the government.


  • There are giant investors who are against the government’s move to stop logging and mining for the sake of nature conservation. The only way to make them go on with their spurious activities is by ousting Duterte from his post. They have initiated their plan by bringing out “witnesses” and by filing a case against him at the International Court of Justice. By doing so, they would like the world to view Duterte as a “murderer”. They even have the temerity to go back to historical heresies while he was still the mayor of Davao City, despite the fact that the courts in Davao City found him innocent.


  • Terrorism in the Phlippines is clearly rooted in Mindanao. If it will not be uprooted or at least checked by declaring Martial Law, it will definitely spread all over the Philippines, especially, Manila as shown by “test explosions” committed by terrorists who claim connection with ISIS, perhaps, to check the capability of the PNP and military. Terrorists in Mindanao are very vocal about their supposedly connection with the ISIS.


  • Many Filipinos who are not from Mindanao, hence, did not experience the harrowing experience of being caught between warring factions are so insensitive as to make them declare that Martial Law is against human rights!


  • Those who are afraid of the Martial Law are incorrigible law offenders: drug addicts, drug pushers, drug lords, hoarders of food items, employers who do not remit SSS contribution of their employees, employers who exploit their workers by not paying the right wage, arrogant drivers who are fund of dropping names of government officials when caught violating a traffic rule, robbers, pimps, child labor trafficker, illegal recruiters, etc…..and of course, terrorists!


  • It is just right for the PNP and the military to set up checkpoints and be strict in checking the motorists, especially, for their ID, as according to the media, members of the Maute group are allegedly going around without ID and easily meld with the local crowd as what they did in Marawi City. Now, expect the human rights advocates to cry foul due to the strict inspections!


  • Despite the glaring unrest in Marawi City due to the Maute group’s intrusion, Trillanes still have the gall to taunt Duterte as overly excited to declare Martial Law for Mindanao. With such kind of unbecoming reaction from the future ex-senator, will he still command respect from the Filipinos?….does not Trillanes ever contemplate on the possibility of the terrorism to overflow to other parts of the country?….or could it be that he and his group has a hand in it, as the group would never have such courage without sufficient funding and IMMORAL SUPPORT? ….JUST ASKING LANG NAMAN!

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