Martial Law for Mindanao is Long Overdue

Martial Law for Mindanao is Long Overdue

By Apolinario Villalobos


The gruesome killings in Marawi, the encounter at Bagumbayan (Sultan Kudarat), between the MILF and the Philippine military, the pockets of bombings in southern Mindanao are all indications that the sitting president, Rodrigo Duterte is being challenged as to how far he can bend backward without straining his spine. He has been tolerant for some time and he did it more than enough. It is high time that he should flex his muscles.


When he took over the land’s highest position from a lenient president, he did not lose time in calling for cooperation. But because of his obvious plan to rid the country and the government in particular, of crooks, practically, everybody with selfish motives became apprehensive. Turncoats and opportunists who thought Duterte is no different from the past presidents are shocked by his steadfast and feisty moves, so now, they are having second thoughts if they would still support him or finance his detractors which some are already doing.


How can Martial be not applicable to a country like the Philippines, especially, Mindanao where unrest is already brewing? How can “due process” be applied to the case of a terrorist caught red-handed while about to detonate a bomb? How can “due process” be applied in the case of  drug-deranged and useless citizens who rape innocent young women, and even elders, fit to be their grandmother? How can “due process” be applied in the case of drug lords who have constructed drug laboratories right under the very nose of conniving law-enforcement agencies? How can “due process” be applied in Marawi City where gruesome killings are being committed by the Maute Group? The supposedly “due process” has just created animosity among the victims of criminals due to delayed application of justice.




Clearly, there is a concerted effort to oust Duterte from his post. And, those who have conceived this evil design could be the concerned parties whose selfish interests have been railroaded.  Again, Martial Law for Mindanao is long overdue. Why worry if you are not guilty?


And, obviously, the terrorism in Mindanao is no longer hinged on religion but politics and money!



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