The Benefits of Titanium


By Apolinario Villalobos


The first time I encountered the word “titanium” was when a friend told me that he was saving money for a titanium implant for his son whose thigh was due for an operation. His son figured in an accident and has injured his thigh. The amount he mentioned was staggering.


When I checked on titanium, I found out that space and aircrafts use it due to its lightness and durability. It has also become a fad as a jewelry, but commands a high price. On the other hand, the light gray/ blackish metal also has benefits which offset its unglamorous color which is lacking of sparkle and sheen.


Worn as a bracelet, ring, necklace, or wristwatch, the metal transfers the oxygen that it absorbs to the skin of the wearer. Wearing a titanium accessory near an inflamed area also reduces its swelling. This is the reason why many people prefer to wear jewelries made of titanium than any other kind of metal, especially gold, to alleviate the irritation that result from the onset of arthritis. And, as an implant, it has better and more comfortable effect than stainless steel because it is affected by the change in temperature.


Titanium jewelries can be purchased at high-end jewelry shops. A watch made of titanium would cost between Php10-15,000, a ring costs not less than Php3,000, and a bracelet is between Php5-10,000 depending on the design.


I got my first titanium bracelet from a junk collector in appreciation for a tarpaulin, several packs of diaper for his baby and a thermos. He told me that he found it while rummaging in a garbage dump and after washing the muddy bracelet, took the fancy of wearing it. I refused to accept the gift but he insisted and to show my appreciation, I wore it on the spot.


When I washed it at home, I read the word etched on the lock and discovered the finely etched “Titanium”. My friend was not aware that he gave me a “treasure” so that when I had a chance, I went back to where he was sorting his junks and told him what I discovered. He did not believe me while looking at the light gray/blackish jewelry and just laughed for he thought that I was joking. Obviously, he was only familiar with silver and stainless jewelries that glisten. Also, he told me that he has no habit of getting back what he has given, so I just thanked him again.







2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Titanium

  1. I first encountered the word Titanium when I was highschool. 🙂 Sa Periodic Table of Elements. Sinaulo.kasi namin. 🙂 Nice story Sir. My take away is… be a blessing to others and blessings will naturally flow in our lives 🙂

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