Singapore Hawkers: One Kueh at a Time, Berseh Food Centre



It was such a pleasure to get to know and interview Nick and Karen Soon, a warm, down-to-earth couple who has thrown all caution to the wind to start their own hawker business, One Kueh At A Time at Berseh Food Centre.

True to its name, Nick has painstakingly learn the art of Teo Chew kueh making from his 83-year-old mother who has been making these by hand for decades since his childhood.

Nick insists they focus only on four types and do these well — Soon Kueh (Hakka-style with a translucent skin), Ang Ku Kueh (with a dark brown sesame seed skin with salty mung bean paste), Koo Chye Kueh (a steamed chive dumpling which is his mother’s specialty) and Png Kueh, but without the bright pink colouring for the skin.


What I love about the whole set-up is how much it feels like a home kitchen that one’s grandmother would work in. The

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