Hiking Guide for Beginners: Mt. Maculot (Rockies) 2017


75c5512f-76eb-4a2d-b2ac-cde1321f2909 The famous Rockies! One wrong step and Goodbye!

Cuenca, Batangas
Elevation: Rockies (706 Masl); Summit (930 Masl)
Difficulty: 4/9
Guide: Mandatory/Required

I have always been wanting to climb the infamous Mt Maculot located at Cuenca Batangas ever since I have seen the picturesque view from its summit– overlooking Taal Lake including the renowned Taal volcano. Just this weekend, I have been able to visit this mountain and it was undeniably beautiful, indeed!

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Climbing this mountain requires great endurance as its trail is a never ending ascent. Along the way, there are stores where you can buy something that can cleanse your thirst or something you can chew on. However, most of these stores seldom opens on a weekday. 

cf101811-68fc-42fa-b58a-313bf9051bf7 The 7/11 of Mt. Maculot!

After one and a half hour of trekking, we finally reached the campsite. From there, it will only take you about fifteen minutes to go…

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