The Need for the Cleansing of the PNP and DOJ

The Need for the Cleansing of PNP and DOJ

By Apolinario Villalobos


Not only does the Philippine National Police (PNP) need a “total cleansing”. The other one that also needs to be purged of scalawags is the Department of Justice (DOJ). But the big question is: can it be done by its secretary whose weak personality is the talk of the town as he cannot even control the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in view of the series of scandals that have rocked the agency? What about the PDEA which also has a questionable image?


Lately, only re-assignments of post were done to the NBI people who are alleged to be involved in anomalies. Why not suspend and investigate them, with their wage suspended?…yet, the agency is proud to announce to have done such hollow act!


The DOJ Secretary should be replaced by a compatible, intelligent, strong-willed, less talker, and trustworthy guy….one who has no record of “butterflying” from one political party to another which manifests selfish motives….one who does not make appointments with disreputable people….and, one who officially meets people in his office at day time only, not in a restaurant or a hotel in the evening….meaning, one who is with unquestionable honesty!


Surely, those who are involved in anomalies, but do not belong to the PNP must be laughing their head off because they have been spared from being humiliated in public such as what de la Rosa did to the Olongapo policemen who were involved in the kidnap-extortion of Koreans. But if these laughing eggheads belong to the DOJ, who will wash them down with a barrage of cusses and make them do pushups…..Aguirre?…now, that makes me laugh!


In my opinion, the respectable and strong leadership characters do not fit the personality of Aguirre who has been viewed as a weakling since day one of his assumption of office. He is a mismatch to the strong-willed president with stony character. He is a burden to the president because of the continued embarrassing anomalies committed by his people who seem to be toying with his kind of leadership.


On the other hand, de la Rosa should also mention in his interviews what happened to the long list of cases of killings supposedly committed by the police, the most prominent of which was the murder of a couple in Antipolo. During the Senate hearing, the children of the couple revealed that the police also used their home as a drug den. The Filipinos want to know if indeed, the police scalawags are slapped with appropriate penalties, and not just suspensions and “vacation” in the PNP’s holding office in Crame, or worst, just transferred to other posts. If the NAPOLCOM is dilly-dallying in their job, de la Rosa should do what is appropriate.


For de la Rosa to regain his lost reputation, he should stop being dramatic during interviews and just mention in a professional manner what are asked of him…nothing else on anything that oftentimes put him and the president in unbecoming situations. As for Aguirre…he should resign to save himself from the embarrassing kick from the president.

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