On the Counting of Blessings

On the Counting of Blessings

By Apolinario Villalobos


Many who thought they are “successful” because of earned scholastic degree from prestigious learning institution or in position of wealth that they are  enjoying, but amassed by their parents, unfortunately, do not know how to ”count” their blessings. We find these people in the high-end business districts of the city surrounded by hundreds of their staff; in government halls, occupying top and sensitive positions; and ritzy subdivisions as they immerse themselves in luxury. Surprisingly, many of them are far from being satisfied as their thoughts are occupied with schemes on how to earn more money – at all cost.


It is this selfish desire on the part of business moguls to get richer that made them forget the plight of those who sacrificed to build their pedestal of affluence. They forgot to return the favor, so that while they are wallowing in prosperity, those who are responsible for their wealth subsist on sub-standard wages.


Many government officials who became influential and those elected by the people forgot that their wages come from the pocket of ordinary citizens.  Instead of being grateful and do their best for the benefit of those who voted for them, they rob the government coffer, or worse, act as if they are the master of those who put them where they are.


Instead of counting their blessings and be grateful to God for what they already have, many people still want more at the expense of others. That is the simple logic why the world is convulsing with strife today. Take away selfishness and what takes place is compassion. Take away greed and what takes place is altruism. Take away exploitation and what takes place is care. Take away hatred and what remains is love. But these are just suppositions, as in unfortunate reality, greed prevails among men.


Counting our blessings will not take hundreds of fingers unless we include the spoons, forks, cups, beddings, clothes, and everything inside our home. That is not what I mean. Blessings can be translated into the comfort in life relative to the situation where we are. If we are in the city, comfort is viewed differently from the one being enjoyed in the countryside. Most importantly, we should not compare ourselves with others, as their blessings are definitely different from ours, if we base what we have gained on the standards that man, himself, has invented.


Blessings may not always be tangible or recognized. They can be felt such as satisfaction in life that cannot be described but can be translated into happiness, yet they can be counted if we are diligent enough to count the days when we are happy or sad. But nobody wants to do that, instead, we just do not give a damn if it is a Monday or a Tuesday or a Wednesday when we had been joyful or sad.


For as long as we are happy, let us just be in such state and be thankful that we still breathe. WE SHOULD LEARN HOW TO COUNT OUR BLESSINGS, INSTEAD OF ASKING FOR MORE. LET THE OTHER BLESSINGS BE ENJOYED BY OTHERS!

2 thoughts on “On the Counting of Blessings

  1. Tama! Let’s count our blessings. Success is a privilege, not a right. We have to work hard for it, not expect to have it just because we completed certain qualifications. Kung tinamad na pagkatapos ng pag-aaral, wala ring kwenta ang diploma.

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