Simple Recipe: Paksiw (Fish Stewed in Vinegar)

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Who would have thought that someone like me who used to be only a well eater of my mom’s cooking could now somehow maneuver my own little kitchen. Is this a perk of being a wife now? 😀

I’ve lived here in Japan for about 10 months now and my craving for Filipino dishes has been rather endless. The fact that my knowledge about cooking is quite limited, I sometimes feel like a useless person who solely depends on instant ramen. Fortunately, I still remember a few dishes that my parents taught me back home. Proud to say my dad was a real good cook. My mom? Good, but not as good as my dad. 😀 I hate to say it but my siblings can cook well, too. I was like the loser. Haha. Just so you know, my job made me that way. I was an online English…

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