Travel Guide to Garin Farm, Iloilo


Going into Garin Farm is a whole experience in itself. If your a city dweller you will be bowled over by the warm greeting from assorted farmyard animals like ducks, chickens, pigs and cows to name but a few; you are also assaulted by their requisite odours, but then thats no worse than a lot of city places lol 🙂 . As you move further into the farm your sensual experiences broaden not only on the animal front but also visually as the lagoon, swimming pool and cottages hove into site.


It all brilliant and an well thought out from the point of view of both the short term visitor or longer term.

For the longer term visitor, just near to the pool area, are some rather fun rooms with funky glass panelled rooms and jaw dropping views across the shimmering ocean and onto the towering mountains. If your full…

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