Too Much Familiarity Breeds Abuse Leading to Loss of Respect



By Apolinario Villalobos


If a person opens himself up with overconfidence, thereby, exposing his weaknesses, he is bound to be abused and disrespected. He should not expect understanding from ALL the people with whom he deals. In any community or group where a person circulates, detractors and covert enemies are always present who will not hesitate to grab every opportunity from the unguarded moments of the overconfident person.


This is the situation of the president Rodrigo Duterte and PNP Chief, Rolando de la Rosa. Their tough personality and honest character have no match to the traitor’s selfish and evil intention. This happened to Cesar of Rome and Jesus Christ….they are lessons to be learned.


Duterte and de la Rosa should at this time, distance themselves a little bit from their “trusted friends”. Duterte should remember that he is in the tumultuous arena of Philippine politics where players easily change color to suit their needs. On the other hand, the Manila guys that the two are dealing with as regards the checking of illegal drugs, are not dumb not to understand that they are being used. And, being toughened in their kind of enterprising job, these “wise” guys will definitely not allow this happen without earning clandestinely.


The too much camaraderie that Duterte and de la Rosa show to their supposedly trusted people is what the latter exploit to go on with their well-entrenched designs long before they (Duterte and de la Rosa) took office.


The “signs” that can be perceived as regards the abuse being committed against Duterte and de la Rosa are the continued proliferation of police shenanigans, using the “tokhang” as another alibi. Shamefully, the already known “hulidap” has assumed another name….”tokhang”. How can authorities deny this when the concerned agents of authority use dubious documents which for the ordinary victims look authentic?


To let the police feel that he is serious in his intentions, Duterte should stop mouthing his support to them, as it is already implied or understood. Emphasizing such “support” in speeches that he deliver, just emboldens the “bad eggs” in the ranks of the police. All he should do is just instruct them to do their best if they want to keep their job….and for the sake of the “good eggs”. Another best act that he can do is give instruction to de la Rosa to immediately fire the erring police. On the other hand, de la Rosa should act with dispatch.



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