The Majestic “Banig” of Basey, Samar


The Majestic “Banig” of Basey Samar

The traditional art of mat weaving continues to flourish in this old town whose name has become synonymous with woven sleeping mat, or “banig.”

And the practice of this ancient art, which has been handed down from one generation to the next, recently took a new turn as demand for the product increases.

This is because use of the banig has expanded. Where once the age-old mat was used solely for sleeping, it now adorns modern walls or ceiling panels. It has been turned into bags, throw pillows, framed decors, as well as place mats and furniture matting.

The people in Basey had been weaving mats long before the Spaniards came, it was said. The tradition went on with almost all, if not all, of the womenfolk here learning the art of weaving at an early age. The weavers are locally known as…

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