Spend moments not money. 

Sweta Ojha

​Festivity should not be confined especially when you celebrate happiness with such amazing souls. Needless to say, the best of company stands for a festival everyday!

That is exactly why we at SAVERA celebrated Christmas on 15th of the festive month!

So yes! If you were curious of our whereabouts, we’ve got amazing memories sketched and beautiful moments lived in a single day! We share with you the first glimpse of our next step towards the motive – “Spread smile, spread love and be the change you desire in the world.”

“Didi, ranna hebbi hoeche” made our day ❤

The Day started off with lunch but that’s not about it.

We have been working towards happiness and the first rule was to do something that they love. We do not believe in charity, we believe in spending and sharing moments. Hence, we set the menu as per their choice and…

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