On Sacrifice

On Sacrifice

By Apolinario Villalobos


Sacrifice has always been a part of our life…a very painful experience and episode that can determine our emotional strength. And, just like everything on Earth that has a reason for “being”, the sacrifice that befalls us has a reason, and the realization can be understood if only we think deeper and seriously about it. As much as possible, we should not hate the world for any painful episode in our life.


I once read in the internet about a battered wife who was later abandoned by her husband, as if the battering was not enough to humiliate her person. She thought of committing a suicide but she thought of her child, barely one year old. When she went to the market one day, she befriended a vegetable vendor of her age. Their friendship was such that they confided to each other about their status in life. They both found out that they have same the same harrowing experience but the vegetable vendor was left with 3 children by her drug addict husband, while the other one was only with one child. At, the end, she ended up selling vegetables alongside her friend, the second battered wife with 3 children, after learning the rudiments of sidewalk vending. It was only when she started vending that she discovered her acumen for selling. She began to embark on selling second-hand jewelries but did not abandon her vegetable stall as her customers were her frequent buyers. She was able to save money that she used to open a small convenient store in front of their house. She realized that had she not been abandoned by her husband, she would be still suffering from his humiliation and cruelty. Alone with her child, she was able to stand on her own feet and regained her dignity.


I have mentioned in a blog that everything that one wishes for can be had, but it takes a lot of pain and sacrifice in exchange for such. Nothing wonderful can be achieved just with the click of fingers, except for those who were born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth. But, then, most of them grow up sad and discontented and most often alone for being envied, so they have to resort to practically “buying” their friends.


Separation of husbands and wives oftentimes come out as a “blessing in disguise”. God gave the parties the chance to live together but due to worldly dissatisfactions, they decided to part ways which surely entailed a lot of painful sacrifice. Their former relationship could be used as a gauge in assessing their new life. The only question that may be asked could be, “are they happier?” If they are, indeed, they have the painful experience of separation – a sacrifice, to thank for. Had they endured the spats and quarrels with their former partners, thereby, miss the chance to move on….there’s nobody to blame but themselves for being timid.


Our life is in itself a “motion” and such mobility should not be hindered, otherwise, we shall stagnate. We have to move on. If we fail to do that, we will be like stagnant water that stinks!




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