My Personal Perception of the Normal Body


By Apolinario Villalobos


The reason why our head where the brains are encased, is located about our emotional heart which is inside our chest and protected by the rib cage, is for our reason to overcome our emotion which oftentimes is fickle, unless we are psychologically and brain-sick or clinically crazy.


The eyes are the silent reflectors of our emotion. It can be silently fiery when we are angry or become the outlet of our tears when we are sad.


The nose is the exhaust of our chest as we breathe out sighs of grief and relief from our heart.


The lips verbally manifests what are in our head, be they good or bad. Through them, our emotions are given substance, shapes, and color.


The arms that can be folded from the elbow are for embracing others to make them comfortable and give them a feeling of security in time of their lowest ebb in life. The length of the arms gives us the opportunity to extend them to others so that we can pull them up when they fell down.


Our groin gives us signals that can activate our tools that enliven our sexual driven, and as originally intended, must not be abused. It our tool to continue what God has initiated – to bring forth another life into this world.


The legs that can be folded from the knee give us mobility even without the modern contraptions, so that we can be wherever we are needed, especially by our fellowmen. If God did not intend them to function that way, He could have just created us without them so that we can just be on our own, selfish, and oblivious of what are happening around us, rolling around our home….practically, an “island”.


The reason why we can fold our knees is for us to supplicate or kneel as we give thanks to the Lord for all that He has given us!


Finally, since God is fair, He left the secret of life right inside our body – the DNA that flows in our blood which is life in itself, and with an expectation that discoveries shall not be abused. Unfortunately, it did not happen because of man’s greed and desire to be another God!




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