Building Back in Culion

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Brgy De Carabao is situated on the southern part of the island of Culion, in northern Palawan. In going to the barangay, one goes by plane from Manila to Busuanga, take a van to the tourist town of Coron, then take a ferry to Culion. Reaching Culion, one either takes a motorbike or a banca to the barangay. On a rainy day, you either choose to traverse the muddy trails by land, or challenge the rough waters by sea.

cul1 Culion, to the southwest of Coron, in northern Palawan.

Culion is an island made infamous decades ago because it housed the country’s leper colony. As such, it has maintained its secluded state for quite some time. Thus, progress has been less than ideal, with 95% of the population in Brgy De Carabao still coming from the native Tagbanua tribe, with a sprinkling of migrant Bisayans – lured by the rich fishing grounds…

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