Children of Dawn



Children of Dawn

By Apolinario B Villalobos


I call them children of dawn

Oblivious to the cold

Who on the paved sidewalk

Are peacefully sprawled.

With empty stomach

They stare at the wave

Of people who rush by,

Inhale the exhaust of cars

And bathe in the dust

That the wind sweep at them,

Unmindful still of the heat

That the sun beams

As it reaches its zenith

Signaling the half-day cycle

Of Mother Earth.


Surviving on morsels

Found in garbage bins…

With glee, smiles at found

Unfinished sandwiches

Half- eaten breads

Half- rotten fruits,

Thankful for them

Just like the birds of the sky

The fish in the vast oceans

Trees that on polluted air survive

And other creatures of the wild;

These children of dawn

Are luckier than most of us –

With innocently sparkling eyes

And simple, yet, virtuous desires!



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