Borongan Appetit!


My Eastern Samar sojourn provided a much needed break from the monotonous gobbling of urban sustenance, the junks that citylife has to offer for people on the go. Fastfood chains, tapsilogan, instant mami, instant whatever..everything’s associated with speed. Let’s turn the tables now to the land of curacha for an appetizing experience worthy of a million-peso Presidential dinner.


Dalu-dalu, (if I spelled it right). These are snail-like slugs (see Florida Cerith) found on sea and fresh waters as well as on land. Truly delectable and succulent with gata. A bit of trick here is to suck its tail-end first so as to vacuum the main opening. Soon you’ll have an orchestra of shell suckings.


A stir fried Ganga. These are the inhabitants of those shells you may have chanced upon creeping their way or hanging around banana leaves. Great with tuba or GSM blue!


Lato are translucent…

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