Living in Japan: 5 admirable things

Thoughts of SheryL

The first time I set foot in the Land of the Rising Sun isn’t a hazy memory. It is as clear as the sky today. Thoughts are hovering above me as I hear the birds chirping at the moment. This kind of weather can help me pen my thoughts down easier.

I can’t believe how fast time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday that I shed tears as my poor body shivered with cold in a blue mini dress. Yes, I dressed that way without thinking how cold spring was at the time I landed here. For a girl who grew up in a tropical country where the weather is mostly warm and hot, spring in Japan was like walking around inside a giant fridge. That’s how I was welcomed. I was given a chilly welcome, not a warm one. 😀

In my 9 months of getting to know…

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