Tsukiji, Japan – The World Famous Fish Market In Tokyo


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Hurry! Get there now! The world famous Tsukiji, Tokyo’s fish market is supposed to move to new premises at the beginning of 2017, so unless the government decides to postpone the move (due to the contamination of the new location) this could be your last chance to see one of the most amazing Japanese sights.

Tsukiji tokyo fishmarket zebra crossing

Tsukiji tokyo fish market map

The fish market as stands today started operating in 1935 and is largely unchanged since then.   It serves as the wholesale market for fish for Tokyo, but also has vegetables and fruit. It still is the largest fish market in the world.

For us our latest trip to Tsukiji started early, we wanted to be there before 6am.  Be aware that most of the action at the market takes place between 5 and 8am, any later and the stalls will be closing down.  At 4 or 5am the market receives…

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