Regina RICA (A Pilgrimage Site)

No Juan Is An Island

The gift of faith taught me to perceive the astounding righteousness and grace that bound us if only we open our eyes and minds. I just want to thank God for all the things that cost nothing and are worth everything.


Regina RICA is a 13.5-hectare land, that is envisioned by the Dominican Sisters of Regina RICA (Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia)  to be a place of prayer, pilgrimage, ecological sanctuary as well as a wellness environment. The major landmark in this pilgrimage site is a towering 71 foot high Mama Mary statue. The walk towards the image of Mama Mary is a S-rail to give the pilgrim a breathtaking view of the place. Also, there are 13 candle stations where one can leave candle offerings.


Note that there is a dress code – short shorts and too revealing upper garments are not allowed.  If one is not aware of…

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