Faith Should Never be Wavered by Hatred Toward Some Priests and Nuns

Faith Should Never Be Wavered


By Apolinario Villalobos


It is worrying to note that lately, many faithful in whatever spiritual leanings are becoming more vocal about their hatred toward their parish priest, minister and other church leaders, including nuns. In this regard, their emotion should not affect their steadfast Faith, as they have the liberty to choose which congregation to join. After letting go of their pent up emotion, they should move on. If they do not want, for instance, to see the face of their parish priest, they should attend Mass somewhere else. They have the choice in the meantime, and just go back if another parish priest has been assigned after the hated priest’s tour of duty. If they believe in the power of prayer, they should pray that the hated parish priest be transferred posthaste to another area for reasons that only the Bishop knows. Meantime, I admire the guts of those who openly denounce their parish priest due to his unbecoming acts.


ALL Christian-based churches are monogamous and teach the goodness of the same God which in this regard, even Islam does…. they are there for our appreciation. Hatred should never be nurtured in one’s heart, especially, if it has been triggered by a hated religious leader. In this regard, the Catholic Church should never threaten members with “ex-communication”, just because they love Duterte and advocate sex education. This issue is founded on the glaring choice between: slow death caused by the evil drug and poverty due to uncontrolled sex, especially, among the impoverished… or saving the future of the youth and affording comfort to the financially deprived.


Faith is innately set in our heart, and manifested at the right time through action as dictated by our consciousness as we grow. For some religious denominations, it is dictated by the parents, hence, the baptism of the infant several days after he or she has been born. Other denominations wait until the child has come of required age before baptism is done. For the Catholics, there is a so-called “Confirmation” ceremony for the kids, but I have observed that not a single baptized child has “denounced” the dictated Faith. Understandably, it is because the kids have not yet experienced and observed the unbecoming acts of SOME priests, specifically, their parish priest. As they grow, observations are stored in their consciousness until the time of their crucial decision to attend Mass at another parish, or even move to the fold of any Christian Churches that have proliferated lately, due to spiritual awakening.


All Churches should focus on their spiritual responsibilities and shy away from politics. Special mention can be made on SOME Catholic priests and nuns who join political rallies against the present administration, denouncing the killing of drug lords and pushers. But I doubt if they have ever handed out a piece of 2peso bread to a child begging on the street, or give a 10peso recycled plastic bag to a homeless elderly couple to sleep on the sidewalk or to protect them against the pelting rain. If these hypocrites would say that it is not their duty, but DSW’s as they are corporal matters, then why dip their finger into the dirty politics?  If they insist that the DSW and other related agencies are staffed with paid workers out of the people’s tax, they should bear in their wormed mind that churches live on the tithes or donations of their members, for them to do their spiritual duty. Still, if they tenaciously insist that their conscience dictates that they must denounce Dueterte in front of TV cameras, then…IT IS HIGH TIME FOR THEM TO REMOVE THEIR HABITS (UNIFORM DESIGNATING AFFILIATION TO A RELIGIOUS ORDER OR WHATEVER), AND SHOUT THEIR OUTMODED COMMUNISTIC SLOGANS WITH THE LEFTISTS TO THEIR HEART’S CONTENT. IF I SEE ANY OF THOSE “RELIGIOUS” KUNO ON BROADSHEETS AND TABLOIDS WITH TIGHTLY-CLOSED FIST AND AGAPE MOUTH IN STREET CLOTHES, THEN, I WILL BE OBLIGED TO PRAISE THEM IN A BLOG!


Finally, the noise from these misled and religious misfits (to be clear, only SOME), should not add up to the discontent which peoples around the world are harboring against the Churches, and which even made many of them openly declare their being Atheist. These religious kuno – spiritual hypocrites, are practically leading people away from God by confusing their mind. Their mandate in joining Religious Orders is to propagate spirituality and NOT TO FOMENT UNREST AMONG THE EXPLOITED AND ALREADY CONFUSED PEOPLE.


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