Of the Sarimanok Costume

Darangen Women Today

             “Given the country’s long history of colonization, its relatively short life as an independent nation and its current economic  and political woes, the Philippines is especially in need of cultural symbols of a proud, strong, authentic, pre-colonial past.”

                                                                                                William Peterson

            Ever since Philippines joined international beauty pageants, our contestants  capture the hearts of  the crowd and become media favorites. Oftentimes, they bring home a crown. Adding to our list of titlists is Megan Young’s recent Miss World crown in 2013. Young enamored the audience with her “Sarimanok costume” and her dancing of the Singkil, both popularly attributed to the Meranaos, the people of the Lake (Lanao). The costume was slit thigh-high, baring her shapely long legs. First, there is really no Sarimanok costume. If you go to Marawi City looking for a Sarimanok, you will definitely find one. It could either be made of brass or wood-carving. It…

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