Change is coming

Raymond Bernardo


Old habits won’t open new doors. – Daymond John

I was browsing my WordPress profile then suddenly this quote struck me. Not because his name has a resemblance to mine (my name is Raymond) but it really expresses one of my goals in life. To remove my old habits.

Like everyone of us, I have some positive and negative habits and I strongly believe that the negatives are supposed to be eliminated. From the word itself, it negates our success whether it is in a form of a problem, interruptions or disappointments. And as the quote implies, it won’t open new doors.

Like for instance, if you have a habit of procrastination, it doesn’t help you to be productive. It delays some of your work which can result to being stressed in hitting the deadline. Yes, it makes you feel “alive” and I know several people that can work under pressure but it doesn’t apply to…

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