De Lima’s Dilemma by Melvyn Avancena Aradanas

By:Melvyn Avanceña Aradanas


On character, frailty and flirt

The difference between Frail and flirt has a very thin line indeed except for its having one commonality, and that is, both have the same number of letters, that may have confused the weak mind of Delima.


By admitting to falling for Dayan because of the “frailty of a woman”, which she could have avoided if her character was strong enough knowing of the intricacies and possible repercussions of such act.

Unfortunately for her, she did gave in. And to think that it is just for satisfying her sex urge, which by the way, she, on her own can satisfy the same.


Kumbaga, kung nangangati, mayroon naman siyang kakayahang kamutin ito nang di na kailangan pang ipakamot sa iba.

This brings me to the next question.


If one wants to be wealthy or in her case, needs a huge amount of money because of an impending campaign or is required by some people to shell out money for some dubious plan, and your own income is not enough to raise such financial requirements, what would you do?

Start a new business? Look for a second job? Invest in stocks with high returns?


The three choices could be possible, but only if you have the time on your side. It could and are really the only choices left for many of us and these choices are usually asked by presenters in multi-level marketing or networking business presentations.


But in Delima’s case, her dilemma is that time is not on her side. And the amount involved is so gargantuan that building a new business or stocks investment can never be an option.


So what is left for her? With her weak character, as evidenced by her admission, she really could possibly give in to the “frailties of a human”. That if an opportunity to accumulate wealth, especially from questionable sources, presents itself, she would gladly grab it.


The same also goes with those who wield certain level of influence or power in government.

With Delima’s express admission of her relationship with Dayan, there is therefore a likely possibility that she accepted protection money from drug lords. And after realizing the ease with which to accumulate such amounts of money, the impunity can never be clipped.


Let’s wait then for her next admission, which I hoped won’t turn into a series…a series of admissions.

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