Jatra: A Marathi Food Fest in Indore 

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Jatra, is conceived as an activity or event to give Indorean a taste of Maharashtrian culture.

Arpit, a friend of mine who has introduced me with this event 3 years back along with him. It happens once in an year for 3 days of November. Mostly in third weekend of November. And it’s our consecutively 3rd year that we went there for the love of food.

(Last year at Jatra Fest only)
Jatra is all about Marathi culture, art, music, and of course delicious food?

It’s one of the mega trade fairs organised by Marathi social activists.You can see a bunch of beautiful girls dancing all over the stage, wearing all those traditional dresses with a pinch of Lavni dance. Your mind gets refreshed after seeing something new which is not from your closed circle of culture.

Kolhapur folk dance is one of them.

You would see stalls of handicraft…

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