My Blog Subjects


By Apolinario Villalobos


Friends are asking how I develop blogs. Initially, I really would like to confine my blogging within the scope of poetry – Tagalog, English and some vernaculars, the medium in which I am most comfortable. However, although, the same ideas are injected in the said literary form, some friends would rather read a straight essay which is easier to understand. That is how I delved into writing essays to share ideas which proved to be just practical when I opened other sites for my blogs.


As for the sources of ideas, they come from my daily experiences – encounter with friends who live in unexpected places, news broadcast on radio (I have no TV), encounter with various people I do not know along the road who became new friends, my own life, and most especially, messages from friends sent through email and “pm” in the facebook. I am most wary in writing about politics and religion, but when Duterte came into the picture, I could not help myself but make a resolve that I will help him in his cause.


As for religion, as much as I am avoiding such topic, I again, could not help myself but come to the rescue of those who have been exploited by abusive religious leaders and pretenders who know religion like the palm of their hand. I would like to make it clear na hindi ko nilalahat ang religious leades dahil ang iba sa kanila ay matitino.  I have to let the world know how these supposedly religious leaders exploit their unsuspecting followers. If the pope himself is doing some exposes, why can’t I? At this juncture, I am most thankful to my religious friends who are authorities in their own right, being leaders of their churches, for understanding my boldness in making statements. I am thankful that nobody has told me to go to hell with my pronouncements. What protected me perhaps, is my use of the word, “SOME’, to make myself clear that my statements refer only to the obviously guilty.


If friends come across short blogs that are suddenly posted minutes after extensive ones have been posted, and about the same topic, they are manifestations of my emotional explosion due to uncalled-for provocation from some friends who just can’t stop from testing my knowledge about what I am blogging about, and worse, their obvious intention to just test my patience in handling sarcasm. They are blind to the fact that blogs are meant to be enhanced with relevant and enlightening comments from unsatisfied readers, and which are for the benefit of the rest who are contented to remain as “likers”. Unfortunately, the comments of these friends are focused on my person.


I don’t just post on facebook. I have viewers in my other sites, and who use some of the materials that I post as references for their studies, and as for students, for their thesis. In this view, I am dead serious about what I am doing. Some of my blogs are requested by friends asking for my views which obliges me to give my all – everything that I know, with expectations that somehow viewers can enhance them with their relevant comments which can be treated as input, and for which I am thankful.


Blogging is a thankless and unpaid undertaking, but a task that I enjoy. If I blog about people I meet along the way who need to be exposed due to their sorry plight that needs succor or help, it does not mean that I am soliciting funds. My intention is just to let friends know that, as mentioned in an earlier blog, there are real people out there who suffer and that I stand witness for such truthfulness…scenes that unfortunately, are seen by many people only on TV.

2 thoughts on “My Blog Subjects

  1. Galing! I really enjoy reading your posts, lalo na ‘yong mga essays mo about the status of the Philippines, from government to the citizens. Hindi man ako sang-ayon sa lahat ng mga opinyon mo ay I still appreciate the firmness you inject sa words mo. Please keep this up. Our county needs someone like you who will show them an unedited version of the real world, not some glossed-over story to make everyone look good.

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  2. thanks for the encouragement…may nag-invite sa aking isang daily mag…pero tinanggihan ko dahil magiging subject to editing ang mga isusulat ko, malaki sana ang offer per material, pero di bale na…


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