On Friendly and Intimate Relationships


By Apolinario Villalobos


Both relationships mentioned in the title are founded on “trust”. However, trust sometimes is established haphazardly, without even checking thoroughly the kind of a person with whom it is established. Some people may discover too late that their “best friend” cannot be trusted al all, as some, come out to be innately insecure. Some couples may also discover that their partner is not really “sincere” as expected, despite the signed marriage documents, and worse, discovery is made after having several offspring. This situation is what dissatisfied partners as “hellish life”.


Another act that spoils the relationship is the “abuse” of either party. The one who commits the act selfishly presumes that anything can be done to the trusting friend or intimate partner. Initially, there would be tolerance “for friendship’s sake”. But in time, such abuse may no longer be tolerated and expectedly results to the severance of relationship.


Abuse on the part of a partner who commits the act is hidden or camouflaged by a “merry intent” or “joke”, though, in reality, the intention is to humiliate the trusting and unsuspecting friend or partner in front of others. This happens most often to friends and partners whose success is not acceptable to the offender due to envy. I know this because I am in touch with people who are victims, and until now are languishing in regret for having wasted their lives in the company of insecure people.

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