Best Posts Round-Up of the 6th Fujinsei Blog Carnival


How’s your first weekend of November, folks? I hope you’re still as high as I am with all the candies and chocolates from Halloween. Ugh. I’m ashamed at my lack of self-control. Can’t help it, though.

luffy drooling-one piece

But on another note, I’m super happy that Daylight Savings Time is finally ending tomorrow.  That means we get one hour extra sleep! Yay! (jumps up and sings while dancing) I’m so excited~ I just can’t hide it~. . .ahem!  Anyway, let’s return to the topic at hand. Without further ado, I hereby declare the 6th Fujinsei Blog Carnival officially CLOSED! I know, I know. I’m sorry for the delay, but better late than never, right? Ehehehehe~ My biggest thanks as always to all the participants. You rock! These carnivals wouldn’t be possible without you.

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