My Oslob Adventure

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On the recommendation of my good friend, Pons Alvarez, we went to Oslob in southern Cebu to see the huge, gentle whale sharks up close.

osl21 Oslob, in southern Cebu. (courtesy of

We had to leave Cebu City early, as we were informed that the whale sharks would show up only from 6am to 12 noon. Hmmm…. after that, they were off for their afternoon beauty nap, I surmised. Probably took time like some Hollywood stars to do some shopping and have their make-up done after siesta too.

And so off we went, after a quick shower and an early breakfast. After a 3-hour plus drive going south, we reached Oslob. Long ride, but it really wasn’t bad at all as the view was good and the ride comfortable. Later, it would turn out to be all worth it.

We got a short brief from the Oslob Tourism guys. We were told…

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